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  1. Yes but it's my Name and its not real and that's what my buddy's wanted it to be.
  2. Not sure if can be done for real but just noticed the other day.
  3. Heres my Logan Air Semi fictional Tartan tail. LoganAir.rar
  4. I put my Aer Arann Liv on the Org https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/64209-bn2-aer-arann-ei-ayn/
  5. Just wondering if there's something we can do for it to recognize the Islander?
  6. If anyone has a link to a good tail logo that would be great had to hack this one together so it's ok for now since a fellow on FB asked for one. Aer Arann link
  7. Not sure if it will work but try cranking with mixture mags off Throttle full open
  8. Looks like the glare shield extends through the Fuselage just a smidge on both sides. Really nice job on the flying though nice to get out of the big iron for a while. PS thanks for the SP paintkit!
  9. Just saw that yesterday don't think that part moves with the needle.
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