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  1. I have the switch panel and the radio panel. The switch panel doesn't work yet but I'm not sure how much of it I'd want to be working. I find the magnetos, lights, pitot heat etc. quite easy to get to in the Islander (especially on a/p obviously) and as I've only got one switch panel then I'd have to compromise on the functionality of magnetos, landing lights etc. anyway. The radio panel seems to work nicely though. Again, I haven't used it much yet but so far I've found that the LED displays light up once I start tuning it and that I can update the tuned frequencies. As the frequ
  2. Jumping on the nice-if-these-persisted thread, could it remember when you've changed the pressure units please? Thanks edit: I'd noticed that the crash bar was up when it reloaded as well, as JetNoise said below.
  3. Thanks JetNoise. I realised that the manual pretty much tells you what to do anyway though. (if the GTN versions don't get activated automatically:) "Simply select them from the Plugins menu, and assign any of the 7xx to GTN1 and any of the 6xx to GTN2." Well, to turn them off (and go back to the default xplane versions) you can just click on the item again in the plugins menu. So I just had the GNS530 with the GTN650 next to it (as I didn't bother changing that during the test). It even lets you make the change mid-flight, although I did lose my flight plan when I tried it (n
  4. I hadn't thought of it as a plugin, but you may be right. Ah yes, rxpGTN in the resources\plugins folder. I'll give it a try later.
  5. Hi. The automatic switching worked for me and it loaded the GTN GPS devices automatically. That's really neat. But is it possible to go back to the default gauges if needed? The manual seems to mention selecting them from the plugins menu but I wasn't sure how. The reason I might want to do this is because the GTN database may be out of date so it may be better for one flight to use the default GPS. Thanks very much.
  6. Thanks Coop, that worked. Thinking about it, it did sound a bit engine-floodie. Not turning the pump on until just before start made it quite easy to start. Thanks.
  7. Fuel is in the tanks. Fuel selectors are set. Aux fuel pumps on and the gauges show fuel pressure. I've got props and mixtures forward. EXT SUPPLY switch is up. Mags are either No1 both on or all 4 mags on (tried both). Throttles cracked. When I try moving the starter switch the blades rotate and it sounds a bit like its trying but the engine won't start. The manual mentions priming but I haven't seen that in videos I've watched and it didn't seem to help me. Is that a bad idea? I've clicked the recharge battery as well but it didn't help. Any ideas? Thanks very
  8. Hi. I was trying to install v1.5 of the 340A. It fails trying to install Gizmo64.plugin. I tried google and someone suggested reinstalling Skymaxx Pro. So I tried that and it installed Gizmo64.plugin but failed on the Silverlining plugin with a similar error message. What do I need to do please? All the other search results I've found have related to errors during activation whereas this is an issue with installation. Windows 10, xplane 11.26. Thanks. edit: The error during Skymaxx was a warning, but the one during the 340A install can't be ignored. How can I install the
  9. Thanks for that Goran. Wouldn't surprise me if it was user error on my part but otherwise thanks for looking at it.
  10. Thanks very much for the reply WR269. I'm sure this is just me being daft but I've just tried starting the right engine first and then I couldn't start the left one. I turned both batteries on, reset the generators, set right condition lever to start and started the engine. Tried the same with left and it didn't work. Thanks again.
  11. Hi, silly question sorry. Is anyone using the Saab 340A 1.4.1 with xplane 11.02? When I try to start manually I can start the left engine but not the right one. When I try to start with autostart it doesn't get further than monitoring the left engine start. I did try google but couldn't find anything that matched this sorry. I realise that the 340A isn't supported with xp11 yet, I just wondered if anyone was using it successfully with 11.02? Thanks very much.
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