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  1. Try lowering your Texture Quality slider from Maximum to High as there is no significant visual difference between the two. Also, Anisotropic filtering at 8x is usless unless you have a high resolution monitor (4k). try setting that slider to 4x. It's plenty enough. On the CPU side of the sliders, Reflection Detail does nothing until you set the slider to Medium and up and even then the effect is not great (IMO) so better leave that slider to Minimum. Next, the Draw Shadows on Scenery slider is a huge resource hog for no good payback. Better leave that unchecked. Finally, consider lowering you
  2. Cameron, although I understand your reasoning, the text is very evasive. In your installation you point out that users install the beta at their own risk. I think this as far as it should go. I am sure you will get more messages regarding this. What people do with the beta (run old versions or not) should be their own prerogative. Forcing them to endure this ghastly message is not acceptable in my books. I have uninstalled the beta for this reason alone but, in doing so, I may have left performance and speed on the table. For the record, I have been a long time Classic user not a Johnny-come-l
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