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  1. I've had that happen to me. I'm not quite sure how I fixed (or if it resolved itself somehow).
  2. Is it a component? If it is, try exploding it before exporting the .obj
  3. Great news, Colin! The weather has been really nice lately. (Watch out for shadows when taking pictures )
  4. The FAA currently does offer Certificates of Authorization to use drones commercially to public entities (public schools, police departments, etc), but they don't issue them to private parties. (Although, I believe a several Hollywood film agencies got COAs from the FAA recently, but I think that took them several years to get.) If you want, I could send you my paper.
  5. I did a paper on drones, and did a lot of research on them. From what I understand, only commercial use of drones is prohibited, so you will be able to fly your drone if it's not-for-profit. And if I remember correctly, drones that fly under a certain altitude (I can't remember what) are considered recreational. Since you have a PPL, I don't think you would be reprimanded for using a drone, as long as you use it like you would fly someone in a Cessna (without charging). Also, this is a new field of aviation that new regulations are being made for, so who know what the FAA will ultimatel
  6. Have you set the LOAD_CENTER? Chris uses the LOAD_CENTER attribution for our orthos, which allows an ortho to decrease in resolution as you fly farther away from it. http://scenery.x-plane.com/library.php?doc=polspec.php
  7. Only way I know of is by plugin. One of the ISDG guys has made a plugin to do this, and control the intensity with the aircraft's push to talk. (7 clicks is full intensity, 5 is a little lower etc,). I'm not sure if he released it or not, or plans to.
  8. Looks really nice, Colin! Looks just like it did when a did a cross-country up there. And I'd be happy to help. Let me know what you had in mind.
  9. Hmm, I don't really know how to fix this without converting it myself. You're just going to have mess with it until you can figure out what's wrong.
  10. That's why you look at the report FS2XP gives you to see what texture is not found
  11. They should be somewhere in the scenery you downloaded.
  12. If you look in the text file report FS2XP gives you, it will say it couldn't find "x" texture. What you need to do is, before you convert, find and move that missing texture to where FS2XP is looking for it, then convert the scenery. That usually fixes these kinds of things.
  13. Bing and Google do not allow their orthos to be distributed. You will have to look for orthos elsewhere, like USGS.
  14. I find that Earth Viewer is troublesome, so I use TNM. In TheNationalMap: Zoom into the area you want to download. Click the "Download" Button (1). (They moved were this button was, so I had to look for it.) Select your area to download (2). Select "Orthoimagery" Select your images. (Hint: Some images might only cover a part of your airport, so click on the imagery and a purple shaded area will appear were the imagery extends to.) You can select many areas this way, and when you're done, click the "Checkout" button on the left side under your list of images you want to downloa
  15. I find it pretty easy, but I have no experience with other programs. I would suggest you try it out, and see if you like it.
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