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  1. Only in 11.50 Vulcan I do not see any icon in Open GL
  2. You cannot see it in VR, it's just a white blob at the edge of vision. No way can you discern what it actually is... At first I thought it was my mouse cursor there. Imagine having a little white ghost at the edge of your vision, constantly there as you turn your head.
  3. So you know that it's constantly at the edge of your vision in vr? Is there a way to relocate it?
  4. Anyone know how to remove the throttle representation? It's a little icon bottom of my flat screen that shows my throttle position. In VR it's constantly at my edge of vision and hella annoying. Can't find any menu item to kill it. Can't click on it in flat. No vr controllers in this house. Tia
  5. Should Experimental Flight Model be on or off? Thanks
  6. I had this fix, but then when I downloaded the new version, I lost it, and I can't remember where I got it. Love this aircraft guys, the taildragger is currently my favorite in X-Plane, thank you! Moe
  7. Is there a way to use a flashlight at night? The cockpit is pitch black and it's impossible to startup in the dark. The overhead lights do nothing at all in VR. Also, on the taildragger version the landing light is useless while taxiing, perhaps wing lights would help? Moe
  8. Just a note as I've got many hours on the tailwheel version now, as well as tailwheel aircraft in real life. To start, X-planes tailwheel simulation sucks, it's ridiculously out of control. I mapped "Tailwheel lock" to the pinkie lever on my Virpil T50, so as long as I hold that in, the tailwheel is locked. It steers pretty well with the brakes in that mode. If I need to make a tight turn, I push in some power and release the lock while using appropriate rudder and toe brakes. On landing, short final I pull the fuel to low idle and prop to about 70%. This seems to reduce floating and bouncing, and the nonsense where the aircraft simply flys along in ground effect at 40 kts the entire length of the runway. 3 Point works well in this configuration, just remember to pull the tailwheel lock lever on touchdown. Wheel landings you gotta be aggressive when pinning it to the runway or you'll bounce the whole way down.
  9. I'll have to take a look. I have X-Plane on Steam, so when I start X-Plane, it starts steam, and I think Steam VR, but I'll check in the morning. Thanks!
  10. I don't have librain installed, so could that be the issue? Also I'm using pitool/steam vr. I would lose the cursor on climb out, often in clouds. I also had no cursor for about 90 seconds when initially entering the aircraft. That has also resolved itself with rain off.
  11. So to enable rain on the hawk you have to install librain. I looked it over last night, and it seems incredibly complicated. If anyone has a caveman install guide, please send it my way!
  12. I have the justflight hawk and have no issues. I'll check tonight to see if rain is enabled.
  13. You are correct, I had the pitot cover on. Thanks! Now that I've figured out the mouse cursor issue, and can actually read my airspeed, I love this thing!
  14. Ok I found the issue! It's raindrops. If raindrops are ON, I will lose the mouse cursor. If they are off, it comes back and works fine. The airspeed was because the pitot cover was on, you were right. I didn't even know I had that little side menu, as you can't see or interact with it in VR. So raindrops are the issue. Thanks!
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