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  1. Same problem here, though ITT doesn't seem to actually damage the engines so I've begun to just ignore it. Just another expensive aircraft for x-plane with undisclosed issues/incomplete features. Seems to be par for the course with just about all payware anymore.
  2. I had a similar problem, running out of down trim in cruise. I initially thought it was a cg issue related to an economy addon that was loading the aircraft. The fix for me was to map my joystick pitch axis to something else, like mixture, then change it back to pitch. It's like something in the mapping got corrupted.
  3. Does the aoa work in vr? I see it on the dash, but not on the reflector when I open it.
  4. I enjoy it very much, it's really grown on me. Thank you for the help!
  5. I got it! So I remapped my pitch axis. I also had an issue where if I pressed the front right hat on my warthog up or down, I got a CTD. I stumbled on that by accident, since I had nothing mapped to them. When I went into controls, I had them mapped as custom, but with no bindings. I'm not sure which one fixed the autopilot problem, but the wacky behavior and CTDs are gone once I rebound pitch and cleared those hat bindings.
  6. No damage. Checked that. Nothing physical that would affect trim.
  7. Trim isn't snapping to full, the trim doesn't move unless myself or the AP move it. The in game yoke is coming out of sync with the physical yoke, if you touch it while the AP in engaged. Trim is otherwise working fine. Just tested the G1000 on the Pocket Rocket, and it's fine, does not do the same thing. If you bump the stick, the AC bobbles, but the AP corrects and resumes like it should.
  8. Ok so I did a bunch of testing. To begin with, I re-installed the aircraft. Climb to 16k, set NG to 93% and engage ALT and HDG hold. Aircraft holds, and accelerates normally to about 180 IAS. AP has trim about 80% down, everything seems fine. Then I very very slightly bump the stick, I mean barely move it, and the aircraft violently pitches up into about a 30 degree climb, and continues to pitch up. Full forward stick to recover, and when I check, ALT and HDG hold are still engaged, but the aircraft continues to want to pitch up, no matter what speed I fly. Trim is now full do
  9. Def not above Vmo, speed doesn't seem to change the situation either way. It feels like a CG issue to me. I think I'm just gonna reinstall the thing tonight and see if that solves it.
  10. I'm in vr, the screen shot will look like a blob. What specifically would you be looking for in the pfd or mfd?
  11. Maintenance was fine, I check it every takeoff. Payload I'm not sure, because onair loads the plane and you can't change that or it invalidates the flight. I did test it with just a 190lb passenger and 25% fuel and same issue. IAS around 180.
  12. So I got a few flights in tonight, and had many issues with trim at cruise and the autopilot. It seems to need way more down trim, many times I found myself holding the stick forward to keep it from climbing with the autopilot in ALT because it had reached max down trim. Now I'm using Onair Company and they load the aircraft, and don't allow me to adjust the load so who knows if they are loading it tail heavy, but I did do an empty flight and had the same issue. Additionally, the autopilot seems to be possessed, randomly jumping into a steep climb out of nowhere when in
  13. So I've had a lot of issues with the TBM in VR, it seems to really hate if you start X-Plane in flat screen, load the aircraft, then switch to VR. I seem to crash about 1/3 of the time. It also likes to crash if I use any of the X-Plane menus, or use the feature to recover the TBM from it's last flight if it crashed. Tonight I had about 8 crashes, twice I had to reboot to recover, and twice it told me I was out of GPU RAM. 11.50 Vulkan i9 9900K 1080ti 32gb SSD Log file attached. Log.txt
  14. I get CTD when switching between VR and flat screen after the aircraft is loaded, or when entering the x-plane flight config menu from vr. Can't find a pattern, I'll test some more and look over the log files.
  15. Only in 11.50 Vulcan I do not see any icon in Open GL
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