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  1. Adding the 22T model is Brilliant!!
  2. rf7

    The pop up pfd borderless window you have provided in 1.01 when used on the realism g1000 crops out the top very important data line. Could you tell me where and how to edit this file to show it? Would love to keep the white border at the top from showing also.   Great aircraft and am loving it. Thanks so much.!!!!See attached photos:

    Mac OS.



    1. Coop


      Hey, sorry for the late reply, didn't get a notification for the post here. The top would only be cropped out if the monitor and window don't have the same aspect ratio. Can you try making the window slightly larger such that the top border is off the top of the screen?

    2. rf7


      Thanks for the reply, I have tried that but it snaps to the proportion of the Realsim g1000 screen and crops out the top data bar after doing this procedure. I have found if I crop in on both sides of the the G1000 monitor,  it will not snap to the aspect ratio action and the top two data lines will show. but the screen labels at the bottom line are off a little with the physical buttons on the unit (this is the way I have been running with it- see attached photo). Screen is not fully utilized and the top white frame is still there.

      One would think that removing the white frame at the top would allow enough room for the first data line in its place and still work with the aspect ratio.

      I have contacted the Real Simm team and they have no solution for me presently. (they did mention they hope more developers would adapt the way the TBM team handles it -whatever that means?). I said I would reach out to you guys.  I realize this is a small market and you probably will not be able to give resources to it.

       I am not having this issue with aeobask products or tbm900. (it works fine with them)

      Thanks for your attention and I am flying the heck out of the rocket. It is so much Fun!!  IMG_0073.thumb.jpeg.a474afd9ad495b82a1a77d536600257a.jpegI do fly real aircraft,  but by the book of course.

    3. Coop


      I will be looking into this, I will see what I can fix.

  3. rf7

    Thank you!!!!

    These guys are breaking all the rules. Thank so much Pocket Rocket team!
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