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  1. Yes I have been using this method of reloading sky colors but that did not work and neither did restarting and even updating x-plane. Nothing worked until I did what I did in my post just above yours. It is now working fine. I even uninstalled and reinstalled SMP several times and until I discovered the blank Sun Glow PNGs and copied over them with the stock X-plane PNGs there was no sun with any skycolor setting other than Hosek-Wilkie sky model.
  2. I noticed all the sun glow PNGs in X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/SilverLining/skyColors/Default Sky Colors were blank PNGs after the 4.9.4 update install. I had a second X-Plane 11 installation that was stock so I went into that install's X-Plane 11/Resources/bitmaps/skycolors directory and copied those sun glow PNGs and pasted them into the same directory of my install with SMP and the X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/SilverLining/skyColors/Default Sky Colors directory and my sun is now back. I noticed the moon.dds in the X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins/SilverLining/skyColors/Default Sky Colors dir
  3. I restarted x-plane and even ran the updater and still no sun.
  4. After installation of SMP 4.9.4 into X-Plane 11.41 on MacOS 10.15.5, I have no sun in my sky unless I am using the Hosek-Wilkie Sky Model preset in sky colors.
  5. This G1000 black background is happening to me also when loading another A/C after the Pocket Rocket and yes the standard G1000 returns to normal after restarting X-Plane.
  6. I really hope it gets fixed. From what I can tell it really enhances SMP and I would really like the enhancement. If it cannot be fixed I hope I can get a refund. I submitted a support ticket on 11/28 but have not heard anything back from that yet.
  7. I am running an iMac 2017 with MacOS Catalina 10.151.1. I just purchased SMP and RWC. SMP installed without a problem but when I try to run the RWC installer I get the normal warning for apps that are not from the Mac App store with the option to open the app. I click open and the RWC installer just quits and does not install RWC. Is anybody else running into this problem? I do not think it is a 32 bit VS 64 bit thing. As it does not
  8. Well I guess that is what I get for not following the checklists. Very nice upgrade to the aircraft...Thank You!!
  9. I am running the latest stable X-Plane 11 on the latest MacOS. I have the Gizmo plugin installed from TerraMaxx so I downloaded "P_180_Avanti_II.zip" and the latest scripts. Put the P_180_Avanti_II folder in my Aircraft folder and dragged the latest scripts folder into the P_180_Avanti_II folder. When I start a flight with the P_180_Avanti_II, after takeoff and a short way into the flight it will start to fade the whole screen until it is completely black. I can still hear the audio so I know it is still in flight and if I use the instructor panel to change planes everything
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