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  1. Hello all, what about experimental flight model (11.40) should be on or off? thanks
  2. gorrack


    Hello again! I did it with no flywithlua addon and still doing it. Here is another log file. thanks Log.txt
  3. gorrack


    I have the same error. 1 to 6 times i fly the plane approx. many thanks Log.txt
  4. Hello everyone, I am attaching a photo to see how "heatblur" effects appear on my computer. As i've seen from other videos (TBM900 Hotstart) this effect looks awesome. Mine is not! It's too long and shapy. I know this not might be model's problem but any help will be appreciated :) I have 11.31 Version of x plane (I restored everything but nothing happened) My specs: i7 8700k, nvidia gtx 1080, 16gb Ram, win10 keep up the good work! thanks, N.
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