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  1. The integrated lights don't seem to be working for the left Audio Panel. The right one acts normally. I've looked at breakers/electrical etc and couldn't find anything that could be causing it systems wise so I'm inclined to believe this is a lighting bug.
  2. Ah rgr rgr. Thank you to both of you! I can't wait for this new update!!
  3. I thought it was a problem as well. Turns out your battery isn't charged lmao. Just recharge it, by paying or by using the GPU. When you open the maintenance menu and click on electronics click on test battery and you can see how charged it is. Hope this helps!
  4. I'm a new user. I bought the TBM9 on Saturday and I have to say it's hands down the best aircraft I've ever flown on xplane. But I do have one question, how will I be able to update the aircraft when the patch is released? Will it give me a prompt when I load up the aircraft in xplane or will I need to download a new installer from where I got the original one; the store. Sorry if it sounds like a stupid question, it's my first X-aviation product.
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