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  1. Oh, ok thanks for the clarification!
  2. Same here, I wonder if we can get some insight from the developers, I see it has not been said anything about it yet we cant download the default liveries...
  3. Hi! So, on last flight I had an interesting observation for which I have a doubt and perhaps someone can shed some insight. i was on the ground with wing tanks all full and CTR tank had only about 750lb. I turned the ctr tank fuel pumps for taxi but forgot to turn them off for takeoff since they should be off for takeoff and climb when it has less than a 1,000lb (i may be wrong though). Anyways, during the initial climbout, the fuel warning came on but it was going on and off (every 10s or so) the master caution I glimpsed at the fuel gauges, noticed the ctr tank has about 170lbs, i
  4. As the title says. I assume this could be a quick n easy fix. Could it be implemented in next update? also, could it be possible to have the ref speed carrots on the ASI to be all moved together to the 60kt location. I assume these get reseted after landing? If so, why not start with them as in the real world youd see it when getting into a cold n darl?
  5. I have found they are still there but yes, they show less. Perhaps its just a visual just as in real life where you dont percieve the movement across in the air quite as fast as when you are on ground
  6. I’ve been looking for a way to get unpredictable subtle failures to challenge myself In systems knowledge and procedures (not particularly looking for catastrophic engine failures or things of that nature, just subtle things like the one you had) but have no idea how to get them to be random or for it to be subtle failures of systems. Im curious to know what do you use to get those failures. thanks! Mark
  7. Hi there, wondering if someone can explain to me the logic behind the switch that tests an overheat condition vs the one that overrides the temp control and powers the heat to the window. Based on the FCOM, when switch is selected to OVHT with window heat switches ON, it simulates an overheat condition and therefore the OVERHEAT lights come ON and power to the window heat is removed after about a minute. On the other hand, when switch is selected to PWR TEST, it will apply power to the windows if any of the windows is not being provided heat so as to be able verify it is indeed working. Well,
  8. Hi there, if I may squeeze into this conversation too as I just recently started experiencing the micro stutters/twitching, all of a sudden and for no known reason as I have not changed xp versions, nor upgraded the aircraft prior to getting the stutters which were not there before on prior flights. I am running 11.50RC3 with vulkan enabled and 1.33 on the aircraft. Regardless of stuttering, FPS is always pegged at 60 as I have V-sync enabled. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the aircraft but that did not change anything. It seems to be IXEG related as I swaped aircraft and stutters went
  9. Hi Litjan, thanks for your quick response and valuable insight! With respect to the FMS resetting, I did notice that changing the origin resets the flight plan, I was just not sure why was it doing it automatically sometimes and other times it was not. I thought the logic for resetting the FMC used weight on wheels. Knowing that it depends on GS now, it begs the question: What if I have a RTO beyond 80kts, as the speed depletes below 60kts would the FMC reset everything then? Another thing I want to point out which I just remembered, while on ground during turnaround, I create the ne
  10. I tend to do turnarounds most often and during these turnarounds I’ve noticed a couple things, which hopefully can be addressed: - FMC does not always recognize a landing and therefore FPLN Legs data and perf data does not erase, so essentially the fmc remains programmed. It has happened that it erases all the data automatically but it does not do so predictably and its rare. Is this realistic? - Once aircraft Is taking Off after the turnaround, the TO warning horn sounds throughout the takeoff roll even though aircraft is correctly configured (parking break off, trim in green band, fl
  11. Hi there, I'm looking for a painter who can make a great livery of my favorite and local airline. Now I know they fly the NG's, so it would be fictional but want to be able to enjoy my favorite xp11 add-on.
  12. Hi! i was going through the supplementary procedure ‘Auto Trip and Standby Check’ taken from the FCOM and all was working fine up until I selected the Pressurization Mode Selector to Check, AUTO FAIL and STANDBY lights illuminated but the outflow valve stayed in the Closed position. Is this system not modelled to this level of depth or is this peocedure not apply to this version? thanks!
  13. I’m trying to create the following waypoints in the LEGS page but it says not allowd: Place bearing/distance Along-track displacement i thought these were implemented, or could it be doing them wrong?
  14. Ive noticed that while flying and leveling off in a climb or descent, the airplane’s altitude alert never illuminates and or sounds even when requirements stated in the fcom are met.
  15. So ive been looking at the fcom for the -300 and found the MZFW to be 106,500lb. Interestingly, the gui allows you to load the airplane beyond that. So this makes me doubt if perhaps what im seeing in the fcom does not coincide with the modeled version of the -300.
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