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  1. Very much, just set the ignition knob to GRD and add fuel, she’ll come alive in no time
  2. Hey! Nice job! Are you able to do this one? Thanks!
  3. So its definitely a bug. This was happening woth the electrinc engine instrumenta but when i switched to the steam gauges, it works fine.
  4. Hi there, not sure if it has to do with the version of xp11 im on (11.51br3) or it is bug introduced that went unnoticed (I remember this used to work flawlessly). So I just recently noticed that with parking break set and all hydraulic power soruces off, recycling the parking break use to deplete the brake accumulator PSI down to the red arc after about 3-4 cycles and now it is pegged at around 3200PSI and does not move. Is this on my end or perhaps someone else can confirm this behavior?
  5. Thanks for the reply Jan! Ok I will give it a shot with default XP wx engine to ser how that goes.
  6. Hi there, just wondering, I’ve seen the NGs with an alternate nosewheel steering switch on the captains side when Sys A pressure is lost, however, I dont see this switch in the ixeg 737. Do the classics not have this or was it simply not modelled in ixeg 737? How would you steer on ground if you lose system A? Another question I have is, when you have lost Hyd syst B pressure, how do you activate alternate braking? Is this automatically picked up by syst A pressure? thanks!
  7. That is correct, I have the flap lever being controlled by one of the axes in my throttle quadrant. Ill double check the axis sensitivity curve and recalibrate to rule out these possibilities.
  8. Hello, upon departure using TOGA, followed by LVL CHG up to flaps up maneuvering speed, I proceeded to engage VNAV and expected aircraft to accelerate to 250IAS, I noticed the aircraft wanting to maintain flaps up maneuvering speed of 220 so I went to the CLB page and noticed an odd speed restriction which clearly I never put in. Then, as I was up in the FL's, I suddenly got a Gizmo error (see image attached). Its the first time this ever happens to me out of many hours. Any thoughts? I had to continue my climb using LVL CHG up til CRZ and then everything worked out.
  9. Hi there, So I've noticed during my last flight that the wx radar is not depicting TS cells per weather injected to XP11 by ASXP. In the image attached, you can see I am going through a cell but the radar barely picks up any light intensity echoes. I played with the tilt with no different results. Never got any red or yellow. Is there something I am not doing right? Is ASXP not compatible?
  10. Hi, i usually alter different aircrafts and the only one that uses the exp flight model is IXEGand many times i forget to untick this before loading another aircraft only to find out on takeoff the aircraft acts wacky, which entails reloading the aircraft and lose all the stuff i had already done. Is there a way I can configure ixeg 737 to automatically have this option enabled so that it is disabled in mu general settings ?
  11. Hello, I was going through some flight control checks and noted that I was able to manually trim the aircraft using the control wheel trim switches in the opposite direction to the control column movement (trim down whilst control column aft) and the system should stop the electric trim motor but it kept on going. This system is not modeled? As a result, the the STAB TRIM Override switch in the aft pedestal, though its clickable, essentially does nothing when moved to the override position since its intention in the aircraft applies to a situation currently not modeled, that is, to prevent the
  12. Oh, ok thanks for the clarification!
  13. Same here, I wonder if we can get some insight from the developers, I see it has not been said anything about it yet we cant download the default liveries...
  14. Hi! So, on last flight I had an interesting observation for which I have a doubt and perhaps someone can shed some insight. i was on the ground with wing tanks all full and CTR tank had only about 750lb. I turned the ctr tank fuel pumps for taxi but forgot to turn them off for takeoff since they should be off for takeoff and climb when it has less than a 1,000lb (i may be wrong though). Anyways, during the initial climbout, the fuel warning came on but it was going on and off (every 10s or so) the master caution I glimpsed at the fuel gauges, noticed the ctr tank has about 170lbs, i
  15. As the title says. I assume this could be a quick n easy fix. Could it be implemented in next update? also, could it be possible to have the ref speed carrots on the ASI to be all moved together to the 60kt location. I assume these get reseted after landing? If so, why not start with them as in the real world youd see it when getting into a cold n darl?
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