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    Few bugs

    Obviously this is what i'm talking about in my first post, I was saying "flaps" but its "ailerons" who shakes with AP on. sorry for the confusion. And it occurs every time I put AP on, sometimes just some shakes during few milliseconds and sometimes it shakes no-stop as long as you have AP on. As regards CTD in replay : its ok for now, no more crash. texture flickering , its ok too, it occurs but its from very far view point, I think its xplane render 'cause some others planes do the same.
  2. RzR

    Few bugs

    Okay for tail wheel, I know xplane handle that in a bad way since start so I can understand you have to work on it to make it work well. I forgot to write in my post before, there was 15knt wind - FL150 , so normal condition. Thanks for support, log and screenshots asap.
  3. RzR

    Few bugs

    Firstly, thank you the plane is very nice to fly, that sound is awesome, like a lot. But, I've noticed some bugs: -Flaps shake no-stop with AP on (280 knt / FL170) but it can be at other ALT or Speed. (simple to catch: you disco AP, shakes stop, you put AP on, it shakes.) No shakes at all without AP. weird... -Camera shake because of the first issue -viewing replay simply CTD -texture flickering at long distance -it's me or ground handling with fixed gear version its just a nightmare, even without toe brake i think its a bit "hardcore" (360°, impossible to go straight, belly wheel do nothing, full left and you go straight etc... ). I cant even take-off with this version. config: xplane up to date, win10, i7- gtx1070. I have only few plugins and they work flawless with all my other planes.
  4. RzR

    FSGRW and icing

    I'm using FSGRW and Ultra Weather and : Icing during rain Deicing ON Wings are clean, nice ! : good job.
  5. CTD again and again ! these crashes happen randomly : -CTD when I put full fuel tank but when I reload plane tanks are still full and no more crash -CTD when I put ON crash bar -CTD when I enter a procedure with some airport (eg: CYYR ILS Y 08) press LOAD and crash -CTD during cruise -CTD during approach log: 2018-11-03 19:41:05 TBM900[except.c:171]: Caught EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION max flight time is approx 1 hour for me, after this time it crash for some reason. it crash so much it become annoying... I dont want to be harsh, every addons has bug, I know, but not so much CTD.
  6. Sadly, again this issue : Xplane 11.26r2 v1.0.8 random crash during cruise, otherwise plane works nicely.
  7. New issue with 1.06 : -G1000 restart during flight -Throttle go to cut-off position itself during flight while im slightly decrease power, so engine shut off, have to restart in air, etc...
  8. CTD during cruise flight, approx. 45min flight. 2018-10-25 08:40:58 TBM900[except.c:282]: Something reinstalled our exception handler, replaced it with 0000000000000000
  9. CTD during cruise flight. from log: maybe it's on my end, my system is not very stable these days...
  10. OMG!! Best update ever seen on all addons. Previous Update did nothing for me, but this one... From 30fps to 60fps in 1200p at the same place and I can put on Synthetic vision ( -5/7fps) before it was -15fps with Synth Vis on. Thanks for resolving issue so fast.
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