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    A few bugs

    Thanks for explanation of pulse switch. Aaron
  2. adl320

    A few bugs

    Related to the landing lights, I found the Pulse switch did not pulse the landing lights either. Aaron
  3. Perhaps you are but could you clarify if you are flying by the published performance figures available from the POH online? As stated, much will depend on the conditions pertaining to your specific flight. Aaron
  4. Had same issue. I now adjust rudder trim as specified between the center mark and the green bar. I have also adjusted my control sensitivity for rudder in X-Plane to 90%. It’s not perfect but has helped quite a bit. I wasn’t taking off sideways from the grass and managed to keep in pretty much on center with just under 100% Tq. Aaron
  5. Loving the TBM! Only a few hours in but I’ve managed to spend nearly a half million dollars learning to manage the engine the hard way. Great stuff! Question: Would it be possible to add capability to remove the pilot from the plane whilst on the ground? This would help simulate leaving the airplane and keeping the sim going without getting the “you’re getting hot” messages. Also adds a visual element by not seeing the pilot inside the aircraft on the ramp. Thanks! Aaron
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