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  1. Good to try ; i'm one too so i know perfectly the situation from the team. A billion of error poping ; good job for all.
  2. Thanks Cameron for your answer ; This issue isn't solved with 1.0.3. @borrrden, so it's working after a wipe ; what's wrong with the dataref. We need to wait for a real patch.
  3. Yes ; at less something like "we heard of that and are trying something". I mean, this topic if top one on the forum and no one from the dev team is sending a buoy. I know releases are something difficult - but one word from them to these people unable to taxiing and takeoff this exceptionnal bird will be a good point.
  4. Again ! if someone from the dev team could notify this issue ; we cannot fly since release.
  5. No you did right ; that's a thread and several people are stuck on ground since release.
  6. Like the plane doesn't fetch any input from rudder left or right axis except yaw. Any help from support ? It will be kind ; no flight again.
  7. Yes, so we're a lot with this problem...and we can't fly !
  8. There is a real problem with braking ; actually i wasn't able to fly a single flight since release...first was for CTD before 1.0.2 now that brake never releasing. We need support for that.
  9. I use Saitek Rudder pro ; in the aircraft the pedals aren't moving when pressing ; only when rudder. The brake still not working (park brake off obviously).
  10. Perfect ; thanks for your support
  11. Hello I've the same issue with : C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll As i try to remove chocks or reload the plane. Xplane is freezing, and i wasn't able to fly. This is my log. Log.txt
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