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  1. Thanks @N1K ¡¡ Regards Neftalí Delgado
  2. Hello! Another question. I have seen in real procedures that they use the reverse on the Saab to do the "push back", although it really is part of Taxi in the maneuver. I have tried to do it but it does not ... there is something special that I do not know so that using reversals it makes reverse. Regards ¡¡ Neftalí Delgado. PD: capture in APP ILS 26 in EETN, AEG310 in VATSIM. Flight AEG310 ULLI-EETN
  3. Neftali


    Hello everyone! A question about the TCAS that the SAAB 340 brings. I don't know if it's correct but it uses Kollsman's model. Is that Tcas simulated? Anyone know how to mark that Tcas. I know you have to turn the Transponder on in ALT mode and all that. I imagine it doesn't mark as a new Tcas, it will be PCAS rmk type. I fly a lot online with this plane and sometimes frequent high-traffic areas. If you find a SAAB 340 over Europe flying for Airest in Vatsim, it might be me, jejejeje. Regards¡¡ thanks ¡¡ Neftalí Delgado
  4. I answer myself hahahaha, great job on this plane, how heavy it is with the ice congratulations Neftali Delgado
  5. Hello! Congratulations to those who have created this plane, I personally love it. I have been in the simulation since 2005 and personally and from my opinion it is fantastic. I have been reading this forum when I have time and would like to ask a question. Is the weather radar functional? I use Active Sky and Clouds by default simulator. Thanks for your attention Neftalí Delgado
  6. It is very good indeed. I have a small VA on FSArlines and my only plane is the SAAB 340 cargo version. Do not leave this project of the Saab! It is a very good plane! Regards Neftalí Delgado
  7. NIIIIIICEEEEEE ¡¡¡¡ Thanks ¡¡
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