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  1. OMG! This beautiful sound and flapping prop noise are gone in the new updated version!
  2. Hi!, One of the beauties of this airplane is the sound!, The new re-mixed sounds (or values changed) seems a little distorted on the inside (a bit on the lower end... I am a Sound engineer myself ) and the prop flapping noise which is very unique to this plane apparently have been reduced now, is like inside the engine rumble. This sound is loud inside the real plane (I've flown it). Is there a possibility to revisit the sounds? Or a way to have the old sounds back?... (Like re-installing the old version/files)? The prop flapping was great in the old version. Panel lighting is now great
  3. Great news Coop! Thanks!
  4. I'm refering to my original question about the licensing window of my purchased products that is always on the screen. I close it and it comes up again . This is why my log text file was requested. Look at the attached photo... *disregard... after a re-start the problem went away after been there for days...
  5. Is in my account BUT IT DOES NOT INSTALLS correctly... Am I supposed to see it in the plug ins menu? I've never seen it..., Now can you please answer the question about the problem I'm having?
  6. Here it is... it continues happening. I'm moving it to the right of the screen... chemanuel
  7. I hope that the panel lighting will be improved in the future. Even the Copilot side have better lighting than the Pilot's. Even with the HDR on, the lighting is too dim. You can hardly see the lower bottom left gauges even though they have their own light bulbs. The bottom engines gauges are also difficult to see. This photo is with the cabin lights on! However the Trim light has the correct light spread. At least a little increase in the lighting will help a lot for night flying... chemanuel
  8. Cooper! This solved the problem!, Now I got 42 frames inside and 34 frames outside!. The plane flies great like the real one does! congrats! Chemanuel
  9. Will try this... Thank you for your response! chemanuel
  10. Hi!, I just purchased the Islander a while ago. I need to know what could be wrong. The aircraft is impossible to fly in my system. I'm getting 4.5 to 5.6 frames, wheareas with the other aircrafts I'm getting 28 to 30. I lowered my graphics setting, reloaded the sim but nothing changed still the same 4 to 5 frames. Changed the scenery nothing works. any help would be appreciated. I will hate to realize I waste $40.00 since it doesn't work in my system. As a pilot that have flown islanders in the real world I find it slipping a lot in the turns even though using the rudders properly, but then i
  11. Hi! I can't get rid of the annoying licensing window. I update the products... next update is in 15 days. I close the window and it comes up again. close it and the same thing happens. I'm flying with the window all the time open. Is there a way to close this window without coming up again? Thanks, chemanuel
  12. The version I am using is the one just downloaded from X-Aviation! Still doesn't work... I will try re-downloading it again. Well, I downloaded again the file a while ago, and this time it install with no problems. is working now!
  13. I got the same problem... in Windows 64 bit, It does not install. Try ignore but it doesn't install either. Try as admin, nothing works. Now I don't have the old version nor I have the new!
  14. Thanks!, but it was not showing there either... I reinstalled it. Now is there! I wonder why is the cargo version is visible the passenger one is like hiding
  15. I started today Xplane 11 and to my surprise I can only see the cargo variant of the Saab, no passenger version even though it is in the folders. I haven't change anything and it was working perfectly fine in the past. Anybody with this issue?
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