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  1. Gentlemen, You improved the aircraft a lot since my first comment, thank You very much, I start loving to fly it. My initial critic was not so much about the take off and landing and the exagerated impact of rudder on the ground, witch had probably a lot to do with the sim itself. I meant that inflight, after properly triming it in smooth weather, without touching commands, the aircraft was deviating pitch and roll and instead of coming back compensating naturally to neutral, it was increasing its deviation behaviour. And that would not be accepted in real life. Neve
  2. I 've been trying to master this aircraft , I don't like to say bad things, when nice people probably put a lot of work trying to make a good product. But this aircraft is unfinished, manualy unflyable (A killer), unstable, frame rate eater, commands and switches hardly reachable. I'm a pilot, and in real life this aircraft wouldn't get an homologation. I'm very disapointed and I hope improvements will be made soon.
  3. When I try to load The last version of the TBM900(1.1.1) Xplane crashes suddenly and silently, you'll find the log attached, if deactivate Gizmo it loads but I get a message "Aircraft not activated" thank in adavance for your help TBM900CrashLog.txt
  4. Same problem xplane crashes when I try to load Last version of TBM900 (1.1.1)
  5. Oooops Sorry, problem solved Thank You for your quick answer
  6. I have the same problem since a windows 10 update but I cannot find these 2 files Thanks in advance for your help
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