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  1. Hi there, Is there any update on this issue? It's not a show stopper but I keep getting stuck on the map page if I display/hide the terrain avoidance layer. Maybe there's a rough idea when the next patch/hotfix would be available? Thanks!
  2. Good enough I captured the sound effects from X-Plane and tried to use FlyWithLua to play them but it didn't work (I'm absolutely new to lua in general). Maybe it's my script, maybe it's something else (FMOD vs OpenAL?). So, I just used VoiceAttack to add the sounds to my switches, and it's now just as I wanted. Thanks again for your help @Coop!
  3. @Coop Perfect reference! Thank you! I managed to add the commands to the device configuration using a FlyWithLua script. I'm testing a few additional commands and I'll adjust depending on my devices configuration. The switches are controlled perfectly and correctly animated, but I'm missing the sound effect. Is there something I can do to play the sound as I'm triggering the command?
  4. I'm now using a Saitek/Logitech Throttle Quadrant for the PR and I'm happy to report that entering beta range works correctly with that device. I'm using the lower position of the throttle lever (similar to a push button) to trigger the "Toggle Beta prop.", then pushing the lever on the device would progressively pull the power lever in the PR into beta range/reverse. This works when the engine is running.
  5. Hi there! I'd like to know if there's a way to edit a file to implement more button mapping options. The idea would be to allow ON/OFF positions to several functions so it's easy to use a rocker, 2-position switch, momentary switch, etc. to handle those functions without checking. Using a single button/press on a device does not provide the same level of confidence/efficiency a real 2-position switch/rocker would in a real cockpit. I'd find it very useful for the following functions/circuits: I'm not sure how the mapping is defined in X-Plane and if it's possible to edit them, or if the specific dataref can be modified that way. Any help to edit/add those would be greatly appreciated (devs or users). Thanks! (still addicted to that flying supercar btw <3)
  6. I'm certainly not qualified to have an educated opinion on the flight behavior but the PR is surprisingly docile and doesn't suffer from huge torque and p-factor effects. I pushed it on steep climbs, descents, rapid torque changes (low to max, max to low in seconds), and some aerobatics (she's also beautifully stable in knife edge flying) - but I can't tell how realistic this could be, especially as X-Plane has its own limitations (gyroscopic precession is still not modeled iirc? - but I understand the effects should be marginally noticeable during normal flight phases - except for specific aerobatics). Good question @Glasairmell And it must be difficult to fine tune a plane with such insane performances.
  7. Also a turboprop newbie here And I, too, would enjoy more info on the engine controls. @USierra A good way to see what those levers are doing is to display some values with the XP data option (prop pitch, prop RPM, fuel flow, etc.). You'll see live exactly what those controls change with the engine and prop. From what I've gathered and tested: it's kinda complicated but not so much. The "prop lever" is not a prop lever in the classic sense - it's more like a gear box with a feather function. Test it by displaying both the prop pitch angle and the prop RPM. The condition lever has basically three main functions: fuel cutoff -> obvious, low idle and high idle are set as specific regimes that changes both the fuel flow and prop RPM (at least that's how I understand it). The "throttle" should be called a "power lever" - it mainly changes the fuel flow but also alters the prop RPM and pitch angle (especially in the beta range and reverse). Display the prop pitch angle data to check where the lever sits when you actually reach the beta position (zero prop pitch angle). The "fourth lever" is the inertial separator control. Disengaged when pushed forward (default position) and engaged when pulled in the lower position. It's usually used during take-off and climb and in icing conditions. Here's a nice video from Daher about the inertial separator in the TBMs. Please "anyone knowledgeable about turboprops and the PR", do correct me if I'm wrong, and offer us more info . I'd be more than happy to know more about those specific controls in the Pocket Rocket.
  8. Bourrinopathe

    Few bugs

    [G1000] Unless I did something wrong (which is very possible ), the fuel flow is not functional on the G1000 (using metric system units) (PR v1.0.1): [EDIT: tested with imperial units, pph displayed correctly] Also, should we have an Inertial Separator annunciator or is it just not present by design?
  9. Thanks for the patch! There's still a slight issue with the latest version (v1.0.1) (I'm using XP 11.32r2): if I deselect the topo display on the map page, the BACK button is changed to the CHKLIST button. It's possible to change the cluttering level and then remove the topo layer but when using the outer knob to change pages it gets stuck on the NRST page. Switching the avionics off and back on can help but doesn't fix the NRST issue (stuck unless holding down the CLR button). (the LCD effect is a really nice touch btw )
  10. Hi, I don't know if these are already fixed internally: - rectangle visible through the canopy/roof model (with "marching ants" effect): - SD card slots interior part can be brighter than it should, depending on the lighting conditions:
  11. Pushing the "back" button on the map page options displays the checklists page. It's not possible to go back to the original page. Exiting the checklists page goes back to the map screen with the options menu. Changing the pages with the outer knob does work but does not restore the correct map page. Holding the CLR button brings the display back to the same map page + options - not to the original map page. (it's probably a known bug, I'm reporting it, just in case ) ---- Also, it might not be related, but when loading another plane after the Pocket Rocket, the G1000 PFD artificial horizon is not displayed (background stays black) (e.g. switching from the PR to the G1000 Skyhawk (LR)). No issue switching from the PR to the TBM 900.
  12. Sorry if the FIXED tag has been confusing. It just meant my initial issue (stated in the OP) has been fixed and that it now works on my end. I didn't create the thread with a "bug" tag as I didn't know if this was a general issue with the controls.
  13. Honestly, I don't know could have fixed the issue. I mapped every "Toggle Beta prop." (#1, #2, etc.) on the button (15), then tried that "Toggle thrust reversers" again, each time testing the axis response and button command. It finally worked when I got back to the initial command ("Toggle Beta prop.") - and that's exactly what I had previously. I also changed a few commands from the default X-Plane versions to the AFM commands for minor systems (landing lights, panel light, etc.). So a troubleshooting method could be to start a new profile, and only map the throttle axis and the beta range toggle. See if it works (at least it would avoid any possible conflict), then reassign the other commands if it works.
  14. Thanks for the suggestion, but as I mentioned in my post, it doesn't work either, unfortunately. If I use the "Toggle thrust reversers" it just jumps to max reverse (handle full back) and jumps right back at the current position (X55 handle). Using the "Hold thurst reverse at max" holds the throttle full back (rev) and that's it. I need to control the beta range smoothly and for some reason the usual "Toggle Beta prop." command doesn't work. The same command works with similar PT6s for the TBM and the Kodiak. ---- EDIT: Well… disregard my previous messages. I was fiddling with the settings and as I selected the "Toggle Beta prop." command again, it's working now. No idea what changed. Maybe my X55 is giving up. I'll report back if I notice any oddity with any other PT6 or the PR. (and don't buy Saitek… I hope Logitech made the devices more reliable)
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