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  1. I can confirm the issue is fixed with the Hotfix. Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi, I updated to the latest version and I'm having issues with the nose wheel steering, it moves like crazy when stationary but as soon as I start taxying the nose wheel doesn't move. Tiller is pressed as per SOP. This was working OK on previous version. Log is attached. Thanks in advance for your help. Log.txt
  3. Well, something was definitely wrong, even after reinstalling once. I uninstalled once again, made sure every file on the X-Aviation folder was deleted, installed again and now it works ok. Thank you both for your help!
  4. Yes, both AP and YD are active. Flight Director doesn't follow the selected modes either.
  5. Hi, Since I've installed the last version I'm having problems with the autopilot. After takeoff in HDG mode it doesn't follow the heading bug and NAV mode doesn't engage, either in VOR or GPS mode. Has anyone experienced something like this? I reinstalled but I'm still having this problem. Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. Thanks for the explanation Jan, I thought that's was the case. Is not a big deal (at least for me) but I noticed on a windshear escape maneuver that when I set the N1 to the bug I got an N2 overspeed. I know reworking the whole FMC is a big deal and requires a lot of work, but still this plane is the one I enjoy the most in x-plane (and is the one I use to practice before recurrents ). Mariano.
  7. Greetings, I have a question regarding the N1 pointers. On takeoff I see them matching the N1 setting showing on the FMC, however that's not the case in-flight. In the screenshot below the limiter is set at CRZ which according to the FMC is 91.2% but the yellow pointer is around 100%. Is this behavior correct?
  8. Jan, if I update to 1.21 and follow this procedure the plane should work OK? Based on the problems some were having I've been holding the update and I'm still on 1.2. Thanks.
  9. I think in the flight simulation community expectations are sometimes really high. The IXEG 737's most beautiful thing may not be something noticeable to someone who doesn't fly or hasn't flown a big commercial jet in real life, and that is it's dynamic behavior. It's a lovely plane to hand fly, I really enjoy disconnecting everything and just hand flying an ILS or a visual approach. Of course the FMC has some limitations (I will list HOLD and PROG pages as the two things I'll put on my 'need to have list', the rest falls under 'nice to have') but that's nothing compared to the handling the ai
  10. Apparently it was the Speedbrake as you guys suggested, I tried today retracting them after landing with the keyboard and I didn't have any configuration warning on the 2nd takeoff. Evidently it was it, regardless of the fact it was showing retracted (not armed). Thanks everyone for your help!
  11. Thanks for your response. Everything is set up properly, the trim is inside the green band. Regarding the speedbrake I have it set up with an axis but I showed it retracted on the preflight scan. Will check that.
  12. Hello everyone, I've been having a problem for some time now, in every version of XP11. If I make 2 flights in a row, on the 2nd takeoff I ALWAYS get a config warning when taking off but everything is OK. Is this a bug or am I missing some procedure? Thanks in advance for your help.
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