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  1. Hi. What did you do to improve the trim? I haven't had much luck with the auto pilot either, even when I had the plane on course and straight and level before turning it on. I'm pretty sure I'd set everything up OK on the autopilot panel. The IL14 certainly likes to keep us on our toes!
  2. Thanks CaptainSpaulding- would be very interested to hear what you find. I notice that the elevator trim tabs double back on themselves- the trim seems to work so not sure it it's just the way the tabs themselves are set up on the model...
  3. Big thank you for this- I tried a few years ago with the IL14 but the instruments didn't load properly but this one is a lovely piece of work and it's an interesting aircraft. It seems to be very unstable in pitch- does it need the Plane Experimental Flight Mode? I also noticed the elevator and rudder trim tabs move well beyond the usual operating range (at one point they were doubled back over the horizontal tailplane!) and are incredibly sensitive to inputs from my Saitek trim wheel. That aside this is a great adaptation and treasure- thanks again!
  4. Hi Cameron- thanks for your reply. I do understand what you're saying and it may seem absurd but the frame rate monitor doesn't lie! I've been in the coastal region in Mozambique on the sim for a week or so now- there's no add-on scenery and the first version of the PT 19 works much better than the update, even with the sparse default scenery in the region. I still have the download zip file for the first version of PT19- would this simply download the upgraded model? Cheers Steve
  5. Hi. I it possible to 'return' to a previous version of an aircraft? I have found that the latest version of the BN22 and the PT19 worked better on my machine than the latest model- on both aircraft the frame rates have decreased markedly. The BN22 used to give me 30fps (with open GL)- now I get about 21 fps on my mac (with metal); the PT19 could achieve 21-23 fps but the update now only delivers about 15fps, even at very low graphics settings with 418mb of textures loaded. At least I could use the older versions!
  6. Thanks again- appreciate your guidance. Having little scenery for reference (I'm 'flying' in Africa at the moment on XP) seems to help sharpen my Ded. Reckoning Navigation- when I get in a real plane I'm spoilt for landmarks to use and everything seems much easier :-). I used to use Mac Minis- the first one got so old it wouldn't accept any upgrades and was still in good working order when I got rid of it. For me Windows PCs were nothing but trouble but then I'm no IT wizard- I just want a working reliable computer and Apple gave me that! Thanks again
  7. I did reload originally through the Developer menu after selecting 'auto start'- that gave me a many miles high experience. The crash experienced at Jerry's tender hands seems to be when you ask him to 'help with priming'- I didn't use the developer menu to reset after that, just started a new flight. I actually feel quite sorry for Jerry as he cranks away for ages trying to get the engine started ;-)
  8. Thanks for the help. I've been aware of the limitations of the graphics card for sometime- I'm told having lots of spare RAM helps and generally even with Open GL I was comfortably getting 30fps . I have a very big fleet of payware aircraft, most of which run pretty well and many of them are performing even better with Metal on XP 11.50 with 40fps not uncommon- even large and complex airliners run well for me which is why I was surprised at the low FPS of the PT 19. Many of the aircraft I have recommend 4gb-8gb graphics but they still run surprisingly well on my system. I do use SkyMaxx P
  9. Thanks Cameron- my Mac is late 2015, (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015), 3.2 GHz Intel Core i5, 24 GB 1867 MHz DDR3, AMD Radeon R9 M390 2 GB. Generally it copes really well, video card considered. The latest version of the BN Islander has the same performance issues, however the previous release running on Open GL was giving me 30FPS- more than happy with that! On that subject, is it possible to 'return' to a previous release of an aircraft?
  10. Hi. Specs are: Mac, late 2015, (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015), 3.2 GHz Intel Core i5, 24 GB 1867 MHz DDR3, AMD Radeon R9 M390 2 GB.
  11. Hi Dan. My Mac is late 2015, (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015), 3.2 GHz Intel Core i5, 24 GB 1867 MHz DDR3, AMD Radeon R9 M390 2 GB. I know the graphics card is limited (most off-the-shelf machines of this age and type are) but generally speaking I'm getting good FPS with Metal on most aircraft. It would seem my assumption that the PT 19's lack of complex avionics and passenger cabin detail would help with FPS was rather wide of the mark! The toe-brakes act the same whether on tarmac or grass- the plane slows to a crawl (throttle to idle) but doesn't stop completely; the pedals move down
  12. Hi. Really enjoying the PT-19- certainly nice to try something basic. I have a question about frame rates. My iMac delivers a consistent 20FPS using Metal drivers and the usual graphic settings for the PT-19. Other, far bigger and more complex aircraft with glass cockpits, etc will usually give 30FPS at those settings. The PT-19 is flyable, no problem there but given the simplicity of the systems, etc I was curious to know why the frame rate is so low. I've tried reducing the graphic settings and other known methods of reducing the load on the graphics card but these make little diff
  13. Hi again. Thanks for the advice- resetting the preferences didn't make any difference so I tried using OpenGL instead of 'Metal" (Mac computer). With Metal I was getting 22 FPS inside and out; with open GL I got 33FPS inside the cockpit but an almost complete crash down to 4fps for the external views. Removing the Librain file usually helps with this on a Mac but not on this occasion. Don't know if that helps?
  14. Hi. Your BN2 Islander is a solid favourite but the low frame-rates experienced in the first version appear to re-surfaced in v1.1.2. Yes, my system has a pretty poor graphics card; the first version struggled to clear 8-10 FPS when looking towards the rear of the aircraft. The second version was a huge improvement and I was getting 28-30 FPS all the time. Since updating to XP11.5 (and with Metal drivers activated) most of my extensive collection of add-on aircraft are performing really well at quite high graphics settings- I had high hopes for the latest version of the Islander.
  15. Hi. just wanted to say a big thank you- I've just downloaded the latest version of the Sundowner and I'm getting 30+ FPS on XP 11.41! Delighted with the aircraft- it's stability and feel are very much like the club PA28 and HR200 that I fly. So glad I can now use this aircraft...
  16. Hi. Just installed and flown the latest version of the BN2- very, very pleased with it and (for my low end graphics card at least) the frame rates are really good now- inside and outside the aircraft. Many thanks! The Carb. heat gauges always read at the top of the range, well out of the green. Is this my engine handling or is there a trick I should be aware of... All the best
  17. Hi. Have installed the latest version of the BN-2 . Removing the glass objects gave me an extra 1FPS! Don't think the problem lies there... Ozz's post looked interesting so I tried it; I couldn't get the '7 pm' effect but definitely got better frame rates after sun down- an increase of 10 FPS or so. Curiously the frame rates for external views barely changed at all after sunset so the only increase was in the cabin. Hope this helps...
  18. Hi again. Have just tried the 2k objects and textures- I also removed all the passengers but the frame rates have not changed. When I first reported this I was flying over the flat, empty plains of southern Somalia- barely any scenery at all. Today, with the 2k files I was over central Ethiopia- mountainous and more demanding on the graphics card but still 17-19 FPS inside the cabin and 23-25 FPS outside. Will try removing the glass objects tomorrow.
  19. Many thanks, Coop- will try these out. I've had an ongoing battle with FPS for a few years now and usually resolve things OK but what's happening with the BN-2 is most unusual as there simply doesn't seem to be anything in the cabin that could soak up frames like this. Culprits on other aircraft include the Librain plug-in (for Mac users), glass reflections, X-Plane animations (such as traffic or ships), clouds, 'glass' cockpits, AI aircraft and on one occasion the cabin lights. The BN-2 is a cracking aircraft- I love the simple flight characteristics and 'feel' of it- shame there ha
  20. Hi. Really enjoying the Islander but a little mystified by the low frame rates when 'inside' the cabin/cockpit. My system doesn't have a big video card and I usually get by with significantly boosted system RAM but this does enable me to run some pretty complex aircraft, many with demanding glass cockpits. Using outside views at my usual low x-plane graphic settings the Islander gives me about 24-25 FPS, usually good enough. Inside, however I get between 17-19 FPS- but this is constant and does not seem to be affected by scenery, clouds, etc. X-Plane just about runs the Islander in this
  21. Soooo looking forward to this! Much as I appreciate you want the BN-2 to look stunning would it be possible to have some options for those that have lower spec systems? iMacs, for example often have limited capacity V-Ram. Some developers get around this by making a low-res version, etc...
  22. Hi Airfighter. Have managed to get good FPS with the settings below. Just in case it's any use to you for the next upgrade, even with the low settings in the screenshot below the Sundowner has a conflict on my system with Sky Pro Maxx which gives just 1-3 FPS . Other than that, now I've been able to fly it I'm very impressed- the flight model in particular seems very good. I usually alternate between a PA28 and a HR200 at my club and the Sundowner has very close flight characteristics to both and a great 'feel' about it. Many thanks for your help.
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