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  1. I just downloaded the latest updates and when starting X-Plane I get the following notification: udp_socket_read udp_inet failed! and (inet.cpp line 1196)
  2. Cameron, Thanks for the replies. I am aware of all the setup functions as you suggested and I tried many of them; however, I gues I didn't explain the throttle issue very well, so let me try again. I experienced two issues with the throttle; the first was the reversal function and the second was a performance problem. On the reversal; yes, by clicking on the REVERSE selection box, it will reverse the operation. My observation here is that in the setup screen, with the REVERSE un-cheked, the green slider bar follows the actual axis movement; that is, full back = no green slider bar = idle =
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. I started serious evaluation last nighty; some of the issues I ran into where: 1) The throttle settup is nice, but in the cockpit, it reacts unrealistic with the CH Throttle quadrant; that is, in the setup screen, the green bar follows the axis correctly from full forward to full reverse; but, in the cockpit it performs reverse. Then, if you throttle all the way forward, the cockpit throttle snaps full backwards when the axis reaches the full forward position; and if you throttle all the way back, the cockpit throttle snaps full forward when the axis reaches the
  4. Thanks for the information. I bought the DVD version (I believe it is 9.2) after MS announced the discontinuation of MSFS. Many years ago I bought one of X-plane first CD (I forget the version but the CD was blue with a black aircraft imprint) and I enjoyed it until I started to use MSFS. I am dissapointed with the latest X-plane version; however, I attribute this to being accustomed to MSFS features, specially in the choice of aircrafts, on-line flying, Squakbox integration; external viewing, cockpits, etc. It is hard to brake old habits; On the other hand, I am pleased to read about X-
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