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  1. Hi all, I can confirm this process was required on my end as well. Got into a situation where it was sunny skies everywhere (which, c'mon in real life on the ground would be great ). Forcing weather reloads did not help, changing from current to historic situations in both ASXP and FSGRW did nothing. I also tried to remove/re-added RWC to no avail. In the event that you wanted to further investigate this a a possible bug, I've tried to collect some info. Here are a couple of screens that I was going to use to create a new post before I came across the above suggestion. I looked for a SMP specific log file, but didn't see one in the plugins folder. I did see that the settings.dat was updated after closing XP, so perhaps its useful to you. I've also included a log file from XP... (which I'm now realizing is almost 100mb as it's uploading). At any rate, glad to have some clouds back in sim. Dan settings.dat Log.txt
  2. missing a widget from the factory, plus the FAA needed one more signature. they're finishing up at the factories now and will put the planes into the Internet soon.
  3. I keep on hitting page refresh on the site. Maybe I'll make another coffee. ohh the suspense.
  4. Glad to hear it, thank you for the response!
  5. Hello, Not sure if we support using X-Plane beta releases, but this plane has worked fine until B15. The G5 is no longer working (blank display, buttons do nothing), and I had some odd issues with the G1000 as well (set CDI to GPS and it would auto kick it back to a different setting). I have a vanilla 11.41 install, attempted to load the Rocket in there, but it indicated the plane wasn't activated, so I haven't troubleshoot that. Log attached. Please let me know if you need screen shots or any testing. Dan b15_Log.txt
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