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  1. Finally a really nice German Registration! Sehr schön, Danke!
  2. On Page 1 I mentioned my hardware. In the beginning of XP11 I had quite low FPS with some planes as well (e.g. the Quest Kodiak). After watching some yt-Tutorials on how to set up your graphics it is much much better now. For those who never didi this before a "Hot Tip"!
  3. I have a quite simple system (i7-6500U, up to 3,1GHz with a GTX 950M) and after reloading the plane and before deleting the preference folder I had 20fps. Enough, to fly it quite smoothly!
  4. A stunning aircraft, simply awesome. Will buy it the day it's gonna be released. I hope the interior will get better, but as you mentioned above this will happen. I assume you will become very very rich!
  5. By far the best concrete runways I've ever seen so far! Keep up this excellent work, please. Thank you very much and congrats!
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