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  1. Hi! How do i make this go away?
  2. Thank you! Now it works for me
  3. Ok, why do i get a flashing ATS Fail? As soon as i power the aircraft it start flashing FAIL and it wont stop. Been watching youtube for 4 hours now and not even once that thing flash Fail, it just a black panel until he clicks TOGA and it shows N1 TO, but not for me.
  4. Thats strange Jan, but my work around this problem was to enter rwy and SID first then i was able to enter the route. But that was intresting, i will have a look at that and also look at what those other two problems are on my end. Thanks for your reply!
  5. Same for me but trying to do a flight from ENGM and when i try to enter MASEV i get this or something simular to :-( Log.txt
  6. Fantastic news! One question, is it a new installer or will it be a update like before? a code in a email? Thanks Cameron and to the rest of the team!
  7. Woow that was a fast answer :-) Thanks! So release it and i will buy it now hehe
  8. So if i buy V4 can i run it on both XP10 and XP11 on same computer?
  9. Hello! I have a request for this good looking bird https://img.planespotters.net/photo/259000/original/se-rcp-flyme-boeing-737-33a_PlanespottersNet_259526.jpg Thanks /Daniel
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