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  1. Thats strange Jan, but my work around this problem was to enter rwy and SID first then i was able to enter the route. But that was intresting, i will have a look at that and also look at what those other two problems are on my end. Thanks for your reply!
  2. Same for me but trying to do a flight from ENGM and when i try to enter MASEV i get this or something simular to :-( Log.txt
  3. Fantastic news! One question, is it a new installer or will it be a update like before? a code in a email? Thanks Cameron and to the rest of the team!
  4. Woow that was a fast answer :-) Thanks! So release it and i will buy it now hehe
  5. So if i buy V4 can i run it on both XP10 and XP11 on same computer?
  6. Hello! I have a request for this good looking bird https://img.planespotters.net/photo/259000/original/se-rcp-flyme-boeing-737-33a_PlanespottersNet_259526.jpg Thanks /Daniel
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