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  1. IXEG 737 after letters window 10 update was blocked :-))))))))))) Re-installing Gizmo still not able to activate. Login iz blocked permanently . I have got updated Windows 10 and x-plane 11 to the latest update.In active mode AV Kaspersky ,still not able to solve it. Windows update has new security futures for configuration maybe this is the case for error. Please help me to solve this nasty case on this ,thx.
  2. Hello, thx for IXEG 737 for those all respectful liveries presented v. xp11. I would gratefully thank full if you include USSR Aeroflot retro for B733 , cheers :-)
  3. Worldliner B777 and others default planes of XP11 - lights working very well after installing X-Plane Library Installer Base Pack Version 3.4 . But with IXEG737 all dark on runway all dark on ramp .
  4. I think i should install the latest : X-Plane Library Installer Base Pack Version 3.4. , hope it will be ok .
  5. I agree with you Lijan, but not pitch black on landing lights, i got the same situation and with x737-800 prod. Its just happen after my update of Global scenery XP11, on Saturday last week.
  6. ok i will, for more details mean time i'm taxi with Worldline 777 and the lights as required.
  7. Setting for XP11 i have set for HDR, the lights from outside are on, from inside of cockpit looking to runway is pitch dark,
  8. APU and extern, intern lights are not available, I'm very sad about PX11 that it doesn't have adequate 737 addon for flight, default 737 a lot behind for optional flight
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