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  1. What about your Fuel mixture, make sure set to full Rich. Left or Right Fuel tank selected, always select the tank with the most fuel.
  2. Perhaps an option for Wheel covers.
  3. For anyone interested in Acrobatics/Aerobatics. I am absolutely impressed with this aircraft, with some serious practice I was able to perform every Aerobatic manoeuvre demonstrated in this video. Great job Uncle Jack
  4. Hello IXEG, I have a similar problem experienced by another member, I have selected the departing runway before entering the takeoff page yet the crash keeps re-occurring. I tried to re down load hotfix 1.0.4 in an attempt to remedy this issue and know things have gone from bad to worse. The cockpit no longer appears, just a brown screen and the preferences menu no longer pops up on the left side. Attached is the GizmoLog.txt file. Regards GizmoLog.txt IXEG_debug_01.txt
  5. Could somebody please paint 3 GOOD quality versions of these Ansett liveries, please. I would even offer a small donation for a professional job.
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