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  1. Seems like there is no glass lenses around nav lights and the beacon. I have latest version of the plane, 1.6 and latest Nvidia drivers. Windows to me just seem flat. There are some reflections but very, very little. And only when zooming in quite close. (as you can see in previous replies here) Still a great plane to fly though. Great update. Thanks X-Aviation. Kevin G.
  2. I have noticed this too in the outside views. It's like, there no pax windows, cockpit windscreens, nav lights glass cover. Like previous comment states, just holes where windows should be. It is most noticeable on the wing tip nav lights and flashing beacon. I posted a couple of screen shots. Was hoping this would be fixed by now. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this? Thanks, Kevin Garner
  3. Same here. I have had this happen several times. RPMs around 1100 and engine just stops while taxi to gate after landing. Also, happened while taxi to runway for takeoff.
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