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  1. I forgot about the radii of gyration completely. Are devs not tweaking this feature because it's an unknown quantity? Does it take an inordinate amount of time to find the solution? Ah yes - pilots vs. engineers vs. pilots vs. engineers... ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D They are both 99 times out of 100 are speaking a different language about different things, IMO. Yet, there wouldn't be one without the other, would there be? Engineers to build something for pilots to criticize and tell engineers it's broken - fix it LOL. Seriously, though, IMO for a pilot to effectively communicate what he/she experiences in the aircraft the pilot must have some understanding of the engineering of the machine. Failing that, the pilot at least needs to have experience on the specific machine. Conversely it stands to reason that engineers can benefit immensely from having/gaining experience in how their machines perform in the real world environment and not a controlled simulation environment. I'm glad 'they' keep trying, but we still can't simulate everything an aircraft experiences when flying in the real world. So in summary, I would suggest that a real pilot review by a person that has a significant amount of current/very recent experience on the specific aircraft type would be preferable. If they happen to be an engineer and a pilot, perhaps even better! ------------------------------- The two worst things in aviation: A pilot with a wrench and a politician with a good idea.
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