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  1. Yes, SMP + RWC also takes some performance. Mostly drops I have are in central europe regions, Big urban areas with many objects have a bad influence when you cross over, even in cruise altitude and it drops dramatically if many clouds are covered. I see this also when I set the default clouds, but fps are slightly better compared with SMP. Tolix, in EDFF I have appr. between 12 and 28fps (goes up and down) activate world traffic with lot of AI animation. GPU and CPU are utilized between 40 to 60 degree. I think it is not a problem of graphic-card and processor but memory capacity and bus bandwith.. Jack
  2. Disable RWC in "plugin admin" and give it another try.... it seems to me the problem occurs in some europe sceneries / areas. Especially together with HD_mesh and OSM/w2xp. Would be happy having over 35 fps
  3. "This debate ends here. Further attempts to go at this will result in deleted posts and dismissal from this thread." Cameron, Thank you for the clear Statement. No further comments. Jack
  4. Hello all There is no reason prevent coexisting with default functions X-Plane provides. I think we all are mature users and we are able to estimate how we are using your SW we are running on our own computers. That does not prevent you for further development and does not hurt any copyright. I think you see this too narrow. Kind Regards Jack
  5. Yes, I see It is in users responsability if he decides to change something what Xplane offers (changing datarefs) and intermix with third parties solutions. And yes, he payed a license for using and not for changing.. It's clear that you want avoiding change functionality in your product by the user. But this is only a change in XPlanes interface and not in SMP or in its functionality itself. Of course, if something not works correct it is not your problem. But in this case it can easely recovered by the user. It's sad, I see your point of view. However, it would be nice if you would allow some room of users choice. Thank's anyway
  6. Thank you for ongoing updates I'd like the option using SMP together with default clouds through a lua script which change dataref: "set( "sim/operation/override/override_clouds", 0)" This was possible until now. With this actual new update the dataref is always set to "1" when SMP is active and is not longer accessable. I like using default clouds to cover the empty edges behind the SMP cloud cover aerea. It is an acceptable temporary solution and a compromise until your development find a way to cover a wider area with less frame rate drops (I know, thats easy saying) and also with more different cloud textures. Do you think it would be possible for you to allow us users to let manipulate this dataref again? Kind Regards
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