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  1. Hi there, Is anyone has it? Could be nice to read Thanks Regards
  2. Day one purchase! I already take lot of pleasure flying the TBM, I'll take so much more with this one!! Thanks for the great work!!
  3. Hello guys, is there a great artist who would like to fill a gap in the livery list by making a HeavyLift version? Thanks a lot Regards & stay safe
  4. Hi everyone, Is there someone here who succeed to instal the RXP GNS 530 in the Saab? Thanks a lot for help and support Regards
  5. nice!! just wondering, what's the best way to update the plane? remove the older and then reinstall the new one? or??
  6. nice plane ans good work on it a pleasure tu fly! Hope you'll continue to improve it!! Regards
  7. thanks for the update!! Have seen some fps improvements
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