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    Thanks--I've wanted a Tarom livery for quite awhile--especially since they still fly the 733.
  1. Would really appreciate it if someone could make the liveries for the following Eastern European Airlines as that is one of my favorite areas to fly in, and a number of the airlines are still flying the 737-300. The following would be great TAROM Romania's Flag Carrier, Air Serbia the Flag Carrier of Serbia, and Bulgaria Air who uses its 733's out of its Bul Air Charter Division. Thanks
  2. I run an older 2013 iMac that is a little better than entry level. I have no problems running this plane with decent frame rates provided I make some adaptations in how I use X-Plane such as daylight flying without metar weather. While I know this limits me, at least I can use this plane at a reasonably respectable 30-40 fps. I also have no problems with overheating using this plane--some others I do. Maybe you can make some changes in how you use X-Plane as I've had to--at least until I've saved up enough to get my new iMac--the one with all the bells and whistles.
  3. Am wondering if my update was successful. When I updated there were the same amount of files as update 1.01 (84), which I thought was strange. Then when I checked on the FMC's Ident page it still reads that I have version 1.01 shouldn't that now read 1.02. I followed the install instructions to the letter, and even tried them several times but with the same results, so I'm thinking I still have version 1.01.
  4. What are the hardware requirements to be able to use this plane. I'm interested in amount of RAM, amount of VRAM both required and suggested. I'm able to run some planes like the 767-300, and your own Saab 340 but am unable to run others such as the Rotate MD-80. I don't want to get my hopes up that I can use this one, and spend the money, then find out my system doesn't work with it at present. Thanks, Christian Boe
  5. OK, I got my download, but there were no install instructions. Does SMP3 install over SMP2, or do I remove SMP2 first. Also if I need to remove is there an automatic uninstaller that I use, or do I just need to take the folders out of my X-Plane installation. Thanks
  6. I got that error message too but when I checked my products under the my account page I was able to download SMP3 quite easily. You should also get an e-mail from paypal telling you how much you spent.
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