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  1. Thank you very much for the support, it was the SCEL scenery due to its large name in the "apt.dat" file, I just disabled it first in order to test before editing the name and the TBM900 worked fine. I also have the JAR Ground Handling plugin but I didn't remove it.
  2. Ok so how many characters the custom sceneries folder's name should be?.
  3. The loading process can't finish so I have to close the XPlane manually, some idea about it?. Log.txt TBM900_Log.txt
  4. Is the X-Aviation website working fine?
  5. Well it worked also for me now but I'm on ground just checking the changes, I have to check it while enroute. Thank you Jan.
  6. May you please try just selecting the MUSCL3 arrival with runway 30R (only runway, no ILS approach)?, then try to change to ILS 30L, that is what I did.
  7. Hello Jan, thanks for your time. I have the Navigraph suscription so the 737 AIRAC is updated to cycle 2009.
  8. Hello IXEG team, I was doing a flight from CYYZ to KMSP and I was expecting MUSCL3 arrival with no specific runway information due to I was enroute with the Center controller; I was able to check the ATIS so runway 30L and 30R were assigned for landing, I chose 30R (runway only with no approach procedure) in order to enable the STAR. Once I changed to the Approach controller he told me to expect ILS 30L so I went to DEP/ARR menu on the MCDU but I couldnt change the approach procedure, I clicked many times on KMSP ARR but nothing happened so I ended up flying manually to the 30L. Did
  9. Thank you so much Goran to reply all my doubts. I have to say that I'm really happy with the TBM900, anyway I still have lot of information to read and learn about it; yesterday I could fly online a couple of routes on IVAO and the aircraft's behavior was amazing; I love GA airplanes and this TBM900 is the first single-engine aircraft I bought, it's very powerful. Regards from Ecuador.
  10. Thank you for the excellent support. The only issue that I'm still missing is related to the airway that couldn't be loaded at APN VOR; I was checking the "earth_awy.dat" file and the airway UT42 already includes APN VOR, my current AIRAC cycle is the last one 2003. This line is from the earth_awy.dat file; since I couldn't loaded the airway from APN, I entered manually the next FIX which is DUTRO and then the option "load airway" was enabled at DUTRO so I could choose the UT42 airway. APN MM 3 DUTRO MM 11 F 2 200 600 UT42
  11. Ok thanks for your support, I will try it again. I have some the next doubts: 1) Is it possible to map the TAXI and REV levers to the Saitek throttle?. 2) I made an offline flight from MMMX to MMMD and I chose APN7A as SID which ends on APN VOR but I couldn't select the UT42 airway, the "load airway" item was disabled. 3) Where is the perfomance documentation related to this airplane?.
  12. Hello Goran, I was trying to figure out how to enable the COM frequencies so I had to disable/enable xPilot because I tough it was a problem with xPilot so that is why you saw some logs related to xPilot. I don't have multi-monitor setup, just one.
  13. FYI TBM900_Log TBM900_Log.txt
  14. FYI Order Number: 91071 1 x Take Command!: Hot Start TBM 900 (TBM9001.1.11)
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