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  1. hello, i isnatlling tha aircraft in X-plane 11. after install, there is a mesaage "updating license", wen i make lick, the x-plane crash, in log say: "This application has crashed because of the plugin: [XPLM_PLUGIN_XPLANE]}"
  2. thakn you. for practice i has make the Vor App manual with vor frecuences and crs. In the real life, ocasionally the pilots must make manual approach for training. thank you for the answers
  3. Hi, the problem is "conditional waypoints" i think, in LESO VOR rwy 22 App.
  4. i will try but, the problem is that before intercep D165V start turn to right side.
  5. Hi, i love this airceraft, but, alwayz, in VOR app, the plane don´t go the correct route, and in some ils the same, foe example LFML ils 32R Z, IAF calan, STAR Lanko8C. in the final the aircraft most go at nex poit and began to go at the right side. in the picture you can see the aircraft going at right alone to the correcto route point. The same happend in VOR App, in VOR i must take the control in the approach because the plane don´t make the route in autopilot. anyoine now wath happends? o maybe i has make some mistake?
  6. thank you for your observations. i has searched the procedures for tis type of take off but i don´t has found anything. thakn you a lot.
  7. Solved captain, thank you. take off and climb with APU ON to FL340, at FL340 GEn1 & 2 ON, APU Off, and ready. No alarm
  8. i found notes for 737-300 and says that max landing and take off altitutde is 8.400 ft. maybe the problem is that. Not is possible make take off in this airport
  9. i has made it, but the same, alarm and "overhead" in recall
  10. Hi, i has try 4 times to take off in SLCB airport at 8400 ft altitude. with diferrents settings on FMC take off, but always, in climb start sound alarm and in recall iluminate "overhead", i think something is wrong in settings for take off, but i don´t know wath is. maybe is the pressurization, maybe the engines. Anyone know what to do? thank you
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