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  1. About ten months ago, I woke up at 0300 local time, and started a flight for my VA. It was a quick jaunt from KDEN to Cheyenne. Flight time was about an hour. I was in the B1900. As I descended, I saw the clouds underneath me, and HOLY SHIT, MY LANDING LIGHTS ARE REFLECTING OFF OF THE CLOUDS. Between my dark cockpit, my dark gaming room, and the landing lights making the clouds glow, I was lost in the moment. It was one of those rare events where you can suspend disbelief completely, and just be a pilot, flying. I have only ever see that effect with SMP running, and that alone is worth $
  2. I didn't want to be the one to say it.
  3. Fantastic. Thanks for the quick reply!
  4. Quick question- the PDF requires unlocking every time it is opened? I normally read my manuals from my iPad. Is that supported?
  5. Works for me. I have SkyMaxx, but I've only had it for about eight months, so I had no idea what your normal support policy is. Buying a new V1 product is always a crap shoot, you know? Still, I am super excited to try this out.
  6. My only question before purchase is this: what kind of updates and support can I expect in the future? A year of updates? Updates until you hit 2.0? Updates for life? Thanks.
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