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  1. Me not paying attention yesterday because I was so busy, so... Dzięki lis. (Google, not my fault if it's wrong...) If young Kesomir has pasted it where I hope he has, I'll get on with doing the editor on it, then let our community have access to it. http://www.fly-euroharmony.com/forum/index.php/topic,6180.msg46881.html#msg46881 ;D
  2. That's excellent work lis. Can I get permission to repost it for our VA in our own forum? I'll want to fix the occasional typo I noticed on my first read-through (and I'll reread it many more times), but otherwise it'll be the same and I'll fully credit it as your work and provide a link-back to here.
  3. Just to pipe up in "defence" of EuroHarmony (I'm the "El Presidente" Kesomir spoke of earlier), we don't care if you were, are, or want to be in other VAs/organisations, and we ask no more of our pilots than they fly when they can afford the time to. After 90 days without a flight your pilot account is marked "inactive", and 90 days after that you're marked "removed" (although that means almost nothing in real terms, you just stop appearing in the stat lists the website maintains). Becoming active again just needs you to fly and PIREP a flight. In terms of the WILD division, we're going to fully launch with our latest Flight Logger software in the New Year, and I suspect I'll be flying it almost exclusively for a while (I crave the tough assignments it's going to introduce to our timetable ). At some point, we'll also be introducing the float DHC-6 to the WILD fleet as well, just need to find a decent freeware model for FS9/FSX... I'm keen to see X-Plane gain a serious footing in the VA (I moved to XP9 from FSX a month ago and I've never been happier), and if getting a flight logger software running cross-platform will encourage that, I'm more than happy to get behind such a project... but that would require someone that knows what they're doing in Windows/Linux/OSX in terms of development (and XML/DB if there are any devs out there that want to consider this as a project), which is currently none of us in the VA Like Kesomir says, our first destination is to get an X-Plane fleet together (at least one plane per class/division), then we can push for non-Windows support.
  4. Catching up with this thread, having just migrated from FSX (because of the cartoon physics, TBH), so forgive me for digging up the past:- 1. Navigraph - excellent, I've been buying the annual updates for a few years now (I'm slowly building a PM-centered 737-800 pit), so having Navigraph working with something else in XP will be nice. 2. XP10 - I'm so looking forward to it I can't wait, but even better... 3. A great CRJ for XP - my second favourite jet (after the B738) means I'm feeling like explode if it doesn't simul-ship with XP10. Keep up the excellent work Javier...
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