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  1. @Coop Ignore this. I'm such an idiot. I just remembered that I had written a Lua script to force the G5 altimeter to match the C172 setting. That is why I can't change it. Sorry for bothering you. Mark
  2. @Coop What I don't get is the G5 shows the altimeter setting perfectly. If you adjust it using the default C172 kholsman knob the G5 baro setting will change. It just does not respond to commands associated with the G5 knob. What is the dataref you are trying to set when I turn the knob on G5? I can't think of anything that would be forcing that to a particular value but I can look into it? Mark
  3. @Coop I have been using your G5 with the REP C172 for some time now and they have worked great. I use to always adjust the baro setting using a set of button that increment the baro up and down. I was finally able to get a set of encoders that I hooked up to the g5 command for push, left and right. All the functions work properly except the baro can not be adjusted. As a matter of fact if I try to do it right on the g5 gauge in the 3D cockpit it will not adjust the baro. By the way my g5 is at version 1.1. Mark
  4. I'm starting work on X-Camera 1.2. One of my users has also requested a chase view similar to what is available in XP9. I think I'm close with the level camera capability but it might need some more work. If you guys get a chance try X-Camera and tell me what you want to see. There is a growing feature list at www.stickandrudderstudios.com. If I can I'll try to get your requests into the 1.2 run. By the way, X-Camera works with trackir, linuxtrack, and headshake. Mark
  5. I finally got around to installing the PAJN Juneau International scenery pack from MisterX6 along with HD Mesh V3. All I can say is wow. Two free add-ons that are just stunning. Here is a video showing it off.
  6. You might want to try X-Camera, it is a free download at X-Plane.org. It combines many of the features of PilotView and integrates with TrackIR and HeadShake. It has a Walk or float mode which will let you get some cool panning affects. It is pretty new and still in development so I'm interested in feedback and how I can make it better. If you used EzDok EZCA for FSX it is a lot like that for X-Plane. www.StickandRudderStudios.com
  7. I have been working on a plugin in that should be very close to EZCA for X-Plane. I'm putting the finishing touches on it this week and it should be released this week, 8/25/2014. Please checkout the details at https://www.stickandrudderstudios.com. Mark
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