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  1. What is an estimated date for 1.3.0 release?
  2. Attached is screenshot from Air Manager G5 with autopilot modes, track, desired track, and standard turn triangles. How to enable those on AFM G5 app?
  3. I am using you G5 app with realsimgear hardware. All appears to work except G5 app is not picking up altimeter setting - always 29.92. I use Cerenado CT182T but I also tested with default cessna 172 G1000 and same problem. I am using it as backup instrument for G1000 so I can train flying only on G5 when simulating G1000 failure. The goal is that changing altimeter setting on G1000 should be mirrored with the same altimeter setting in G5 app. Is there any setting in G5 app or in airplane setting (with I can change with PlaneMaker) to make G5 app read altimeter setting
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