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  1. Definitely a killer for sure! I'd extremely love to see this evolve into a new CRJ-200 addon.
  2. Hoping for either maybe a Dash 8-200 or Boeing 717! Again who knows until the actual announcement.
  3. Eyebrow windows would be nice, seeing the older airlines like Delta, AWE, United, Air France never had them plugged.
  4. I am working on it right now, all I have to do is alignment with the tail/fuselage and it should pretty much be done. Expecting it to be completed later today.
  5. Wow! Right out of the blue! (No pun intended). Great quality, even beats MSFS standards!
  6. Looks just amazing!!!!!!!! I don't know if it's been answered but is a -400 variant planned in the future? Thanks! Looks just outstanding
  7. I'm Open for beta testing at the moment
  8. Jeez! Quite the detail! One of the best GA Aircraft so far!
  9. Ah installed FF library, fixed it! Thanks!
  10. Sure is Madeira, downloaded it from XPFR and dropped in Scenery folder. But tried removing my TNCM pack and no hope, still the forest/facade error
  11. I'm having an error with the Scenery. If anyone knows a solution that would be helpful. I load the scenery LPMA and while it loads I get a Corrupt scenery error then the facade/forest/beach error then my X-Plane crashes. Options?
  12. Really nice!!! I'm a local to the airport and it looks good!
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