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  1. Hello folks, I am about to move country due to relocation with my job, and I wanted to ask if all my existing licenses will work, or if I have to do anything. Would appreciate some advice. Many thanks,
  2. Many thanks, loving the product!
  3. Just a quick question about the new TerraMaax. I have noticed that where there are houses and buildings, in mild winter mode, many of the trees are still green. Are they intended to look this way? Thanks...
  4. Hello folks, I am an avid fan of SkyMaxxPro since XP-10, and am currently using v 4.6 with XP-11.20vr. I have recently noticed a drop in my FPS after about 30mins flying (35+ to <20), which makes the sim virtual unflyable. To be honest, I have not experienced this in the past and never really had any performance issues at all. After some investigation, I found that when I disabled SMP, the FPS immediately shoots back up again. Just looking for any suggestions on how to perhaps prevent this, or if anyone else is seeing this. Many thanks.. Log.txt
  5. SWM1968

    UrbanMAXX Extreme V2 3D Released

    Just wondering if there any plans to update this now that X-Plane 11 is out?
  6. Yes I did.... will remove it and see if that helps. Many thanks.
  7. I seem to be getting random start up crashes again... is this the same issue? I have attached my log text. Many thanks, Log.txt
  8. Hello folks, I deleted the file as suggested and also just ran the update I received this morning and all is well again... Thanks for all the help.
  9. Hello folks, Since upgrading to 10.50 if I activate real weather in the XP start up menu the sim just crashes and the log text says it crashed because of SkyMaxx Pro. If I disable real weather and / or use the NOAA plug in I get no issues. This has only started happening since I upgraded to 10.50. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Thanks.
  10. Thanks for all the replies..
  11. Just wanted to clarify something around Skycolours. Am I right in thinking that SkyMaxx Pro doesn't use the default XP colours in the bit map folder. To use different colour sets you need to put them in the plugin folder...is that correct? I.e changing the colours in the XP default folder will have no effect if SkyMaxxPro is running.. Thanks
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