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  1. Many thanks for the consideration.
  2. Hint: The emoticon doesn't make things better, Goran, for someone who just dropped the better part of a hundred bucks on a product which has been selling for seven months with a known defect. With regard to this, am I correct in thinking that X-Aviation was listing this product for sale for over half a year with the knowledge that it had that known defect, or did the developers hide that fact from Cameron? Let me make a concrete suggestion to retrieve the goodwill of the users: issue a hot fix for the ILS problem and work on the rain effects on whatever timescale you find conven
  3. Please try to understand this from the perspective of users who paid $65 for what well may be the most expensive add-on GA aircraft in X-Plane, doubly so for those who paid for it during the last seven months without having been told that the most basic ILS technology (which works in every default XP aircraft) is nonfunctional in the Hot Start TBM900. This is a customer relations issue, not a technical one. It's X-Aviation's reputation that's on the line, not that of the customers. If you wish to censor and scold us, then have at it. I'm not so sure that works well in the social media-ri
  4. PS Forgot to also ask, which AIRAC is active once those navdata changes are made?
  5. Do the recommended changes to the navdata files have any impact on other XP aircraft, e.g., Aerobask, Toliss, and ZiboMod? Many thanks and best wishes.
  6. Where does one install that last 2014 Navigraph data? I am assuming that this is somehow done in a way that we don't lose compatibility of our other add-ons that correctly make use of the 11.50+ Navigraph data. Many thanks.
  7. Thanks. Totally easier than creating new airframes.
  8. Is there some way to refresh the airframe to a "cold and dark" state so that I don't have to fiddle with the airframe manager, maintenance, etc. While I appreciate the elegance of that implementation, I'm more interested in developing my flying skills and less so maintenance. Also there are times where real life interrupts the sim world, and I can't finish a flight. It would be nice just to start over again. I have figured out how to use the airframe manager to create a new aircraft, but that seems like kind of a kludge. Many thanks and best wishes to all for a happy holiday season
  9. Thanks so much for the tip regarding the Razor94 liveries. It's now possible to determine the push-button switch status at a glance. Goran, many thanks for your response. I have tried to compare the TBM900's cockpit visibility with those of other aircraft with dark interiors. I did so by positioning the aircraft at KSFO so that strong daylight came through the pilot's side window that then fell on the left side of the instrument panel. There appears to be something different about the TBM's interior appearance, with both the overhead panel and the autopilot control panel spaces seeming to
  10. Apologies for reviving an old thread, but I have to concur with those users who find the cockpit textures problematic. I'm using a year-old monitor that has been calibrated for photography and find that it's basically impossible under sunny conditions to make out the button positions, etc., in the shadows. I can understand, of course, the desire to maintain the ambience of the real-world cockpit, but we're all using monitors of limited dynamic range. It's not so much the depth of the black, as it is the lack of contrast in the shadows that make it next to impossible to detect the edge of butto
  11. jrw4

    Autopilot question

    That makes good sense. It was those early Carenado models that were essentially impossible to coordinate in the sim. Thanks.
  12. I am interested in purchasing the 340, but wonder where the autopilot controls are located. Are they on the panel or on the pedestal? I ask because some Carenado models faithfully place the a/p controls at the base of the pedestal (e.g., the C90B) which can lead to real problems if you're trying to set the heading bug since that's displayed on the panel. In the real a/c the pilot can easily reach down and by feel select and turn the correct knob while watching the HSI. Once can't do that in a sim. Carenado solved this problem by providing a convenient 2D popup of the a/p panel that can be ac
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