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  1. Thanks. Can you provide me a link with the Skymaxx section?
  2. Is this the right place to adress issue with Skymaxx Pro 5.0.5? I am asking this because I get no reply....
  3. Used Skymax Pro 5.0.5 but framerate are horrible (8-10). Sometimes 17-20 but not higher even when flying above the North Sea. Using Volumetric Clouds and FS real Weather (in combinatie with RWC). Slider for clouds is halfway (31k sq km) all other stuff is marked off (except for cloud shadows). I have an I7 9700k, 2070 OC 8GB GPU and 32 GB RAM (and SSD). I bought this product because of the promising features (higher framerates as Sky Pro v4 and volumetric clouds) but so far I am disappointed. Hope you will release a version that solve these bug fixes (especially low framerates), than
  4. Use 5.0.5 and took off from Dubai late afternoon. Flying into darkness I found at there is still sun.... When I switch off Skymaxx Pro sky seems to be more accurate (no sun).... Any idea?
  5. At least I do not get any errors in Windows...
  6. Restarted X-plane and now they are gone..... Also loaded a script in X-vision, restarted X-plane without X-vision but somehow can't reproduce the mirroring effect anymore. Btw is Skymaxx Pro compatible with X-vision (latest 2.00)?
  7. Updated mine to Skymaxx Pro5 but got some strange mirroring effect: Mirroring.docx Any idea?
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