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  1. Hello ! I have a question regarding the manufacture of flat facades for X 10. I would use Blender but which version should I download? What is the tool that allows to export .OBJ for XP 10. thank you.
  2. Thank for your help i will try this evening. I'm just editing my post to say thank you to C K ! it work fine. Now i'm just search tuto for make my own textures of apron, land etc because in France we haven't rights for satellites images like USA... And also i would like to know why i'm obliged to edit .pol file and duplicate the file to edit it. (if i make a new file with Textedit and rename it, the file doesn't work in WED) I'm on mac. I am very intersting to learn how to make a scenery to release it in .org (for free) Xplane 10 is incredible...
  3. Hello everyone, i follow your topic very interesting for me ! i'am trying to modeling LFCI . I have a question: when i make a polygon drapped with a paint texture( here in blue) how can i do to do a border line white around the blue paint ? Sorry for my bad english. i have seen this post a little old but i think you work hard on xplane 10! thank a lot best regards from France Albi
  4. Hello, sorry to bother you but i would like where i can find "paintkit" for crj 200 ? Cause i not found in my directories of x plane. Must i download it somewhere ? many thanks .
  5. Hello, i have a similar problem with my crj200 .Today i'm with xplane 10 b7 crj200 and absolutly no plug ins or add on in xplane. I can reproduce the problem when i want: to do that load crj200 it's okay no problem but when i'm load the crj .he is loaded on the active runway so i move it on any ramp of the airport .Before to do that i am going to failures and all boutons are green all is ok and no failures are programmed. so after the move on a ramp i have the two engines fires with AIT going in the red just before. If i go again to failures panel of xplane i have in motors/fire motor 1 and 2
  6. It is not very important because effectively with a widget i can observe the temp of imac 70° for GPU diode... so the fan make job ! I very more preoccuped by the fire engine left after a few minutes of fly i don't know why i'm follow the procedure with tutorial manual with the plane that i have bought yesterday. i am a little nervous ... but waiting is the better solution Thank's to philipp
  7. Thank's for your answer My mac is new (may 2011) i've bought it for blender and engine ext luxrender wich is very very hard consumption of cpu All my other programs are not so busy my fans and cores... Xplane alone work very good frame rate (i'm beta testing x plane 10.03 b5) perhaps this temperature with crj200 use is normal. So i want to wait a little for see if anyone had the same problem. I've also the problem of fire engine and i'm in version 1.3 I would know if xplane.org send an mail to update ? Again thank for your response and sorry for my english...
  8. Hello everybody i have an imac 27" 2.93 Ghz hd 5750 8Go and x plane 10 + crj200 v1.3 i'm a big newbee. i have a big trouble about the temperature of my mac after few minutes flying in crj. It is very hot that i cant stay my hand on screen ! and all the fan are busy... i have lion 10.7.2 and all is origin if i stop to fly with crj and take another plane the fans become to slow speed my rate vide is 50 frames /second because i have volontary decrease the level of graphisms in parameters of xplane ... I repeat i am just user and i want to know if someone can help me. If you want particulary a fil
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