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  1. Did it get any better with 1.12? I‘m asking because sound is very important to me and I‘m currently trying to decide whether I‘ll buy this one or the one from Nimbus.
  2. I'm having these issues too. Using 1.17. Any news on this?
  3. Since version 1.08 the keys for Aileron Trim Center (9) and Rudder Trim Center (6) are not working any more. Do I miss something?
  4. Performance with 1.06 is quite good now. Big improvement (about 70% I guess) from the initial version. I own the Saab but have not done a comparison yet. Will do on the weekend and let you know the results.
  5. Running with pretty low settings at 4k on I7-6700k at 4.6GHz, 980ti I barely reach 30 FPS (which I locked my FPS at for smoothness), even in the least demanding scenarios (eg. TXKF), this plane is by far the worst perfoming plane I own. Even FF320 runs at about 30-40% better FPS. I hope there will be performance increases in coming versions. As it is now, it sadly has to stay in the hangar.
  6. Thanks for your reply! I just bought the aircraft and you're right, the sounds are excellent! My biggest gripe now is FPS performance. This is the worst performing aircraft I own. Hopefully they will increase performance one day. As it is now, it's not flyable for me and it has to stay in the hangar.
  7. First of all: great plane! I watched all the streams and the only two things holding me off from buying this bird instantly are the sound drops that you can clearly notice a soon as the engine is running. Every couple of seconds sound seemed to go completely quiet. I hope that is youst some sort of a streaming problem. Second thing is I noticed some crackling in the sounds. As I am kind of a "sound fetishist" this is very important for me. There are many planes around that have those annoyances in their looping sound samples (eg. X-Aviation MU-2). I think most people don't even rec
  8. Any news about this one? I'm also having lots of trouble with FPS.
  9. Cameron, you are completely right! That did the trick! After setting back UI to 100% it is working perfectly. Strange though, that everything is fine on 11.11 using scaled (150%) UI. Nevertheless, thanks a lot!
  10. Tried the Dataref Tools plugin and this one is also giving weird results: Screen goes into very low res and is starting to flicker like crazy. When removing the plugin everything is fine again.
  11. Still same problem with RC4 :-(
  12. Working on 11.11 without issues. Strange thing....
  13. Same result. Not working.
  14. Done. I get following:
  15. Plugin working now. I get following screen:
  16. Hallo Ben, when putting your plugin into the plugins folder nothing happens. Plugin does not load/start. See attached screenshot. Only Gizmo plugin is active.
  17. Updated video drivers to newest version, installed Saab into clean XP 11.20R2. Still the same issue. See log-files. Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  18. Sadly this does not work for me. Please take a look at the requested log-files: Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  19. Nope. Still the same issue when using R2.
  20. Nope. 980Ti + Single 4K Monitor
  21. Hi Ben, fresh Demo Installation + Gizmo + Saab is still not working. See screenshot. This seems to be same or similar issue: BTW, same thing happens with IXEG 737.
  22. Hi Goran, many thanks for your quick respond. Files see attachement. GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  23. Tried to install the 1.5 Version into 11.20B5 and cannot activate (see attached pic). And yes, I am connected to the internet :-) Any help appreciated. Thanks!
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