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  1. Hi, Are there Commands registered to enable / disable MaxxFX (when I turn it on/off via Plugin Admin pulldown menu in Xplane). If there are command(s) I can easily make a python plugin to trigger those commands in response to events -- probably even automatically when X-Plane turns off night lighting. Thanks Mike
  2. Hi, Getting it down to just one switch, power user on/off ... If this was automatic at a time set, it would be even better! I run three copies of Maxx, you can clearly see the difference it makes.
  3. Hi Everybody, Well, work continues on my day time lighting effects. Today we are at Seattle Washington doing some testing. That is ORBX True Earth below.
  4. Hi, Even if one could set two settings, one for day and one for night. Then reshade could be gone all together!
  5. Hi, Is there a way to have MaxxFX work between dawn, day and dusk and then automatically turn off so reshade can take over at night? Something like being able to set on/off times.
  6. Hi Everyone, I still have to adjust my left monitor a bit, the color is off a touch... Right visual looks good. Once I finish that I'll look at the landing and taxi lighting and try to get those to the brightness I want.
  7. Hi Everybody, I've removed reshade (big hit in performance) and I'm using MaxxFX. Not bad, work in progress.
  8. Hi Everybody, Took the zibo out for a short flight (MBPV to KMIA).
  9. Hi Everyone, Landing at Charlotte Douglas Int. KCLT. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHBQ2NKPhqo
  10. Hi, It's more than the lights.txt file, I'm also using re-shade.
  11. Hi Everyone, Just checking out XP11's latest Beta. New York City @ Night, the new bridges look great! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eZgTCeWO-U
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