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  1. Hi Everybody, Another short hop... Tonight I go from Hector International (KFAR) to Rapid City Regional (KRAP). I noticed two issues with the latest version of Zibo, they both have to deal with the speed tape. Not sure what happened to my world map on the lower right side of the display on the back end. Sorry about that. All-in-all another good flight!
  2. Hi Everybody, Short hop from Minneapolis-St. Paul (KMSP) to Duluth International (KDLH).
  3. Hi Everybody, Tonight's flight was a Skywest flight #5323 with nonstop service from Green Bay to Chicago. Forgot to set real weather, so the weather is what I had set while testing the new rigs. I also lost sound during the end of the flight, I'll have to look into that, that's a new issue.
  4. Hi Everybody, Ran my last flight on my old I7-7700 CPU's, they will be swapped out for I910900's. Ran into a pressurization issue along the way. Late getting the arrival runway and had to make a steep descent into West Palm. Will begin building my new computers tomorrow.
  5. Hi Everybody, This is a late afternoon flight out of Bradley International (KBDL). I arrive at Chicago Midway at dusk, the timing couldn't of been better... The sunset was amazing. Except for some minor rocking during descent, the flight was uneventful. Not sure where I'm off to next, but it will be live here on youtube and twitch if I get them both setup.
  6. Hi Everyone, Just a short hop from San Juan (TJSJ) to St. Martin (TNCM). Still working on my camera settings and audio overmodulation issues that have popped up again. Ameriflight # 6907
  7. Hi Everyone, I've added a second camera into the mix to give a side view of the flightdeck, looking from the First Officers perspective. Up next I'm going to try and add online chat while I fly via discord, then I hope to finally go live on youtube and/or twitch. Today's flight is from Key West to San Juan. Ran into a few clouds on the way down, looked nice having the clouds rushing passed the windscreen. We then touch down onto runway 10, followed by a short taxi to the gate.
  8. Hi, Had to install and uninstall a second time, now the issue is gone. Thanks
  9. Hi, I uninstalled MaxxFX from my computers and I'm having two issues. 1. I get plugin not found message on two of my computers. 2. thier computer wont run xplane and I get the following in xplane's log file. PLUGINCHECK_IQ: 15:15:18 - Checking for Plugin MaxxFX.MaxxXP PLUGINCHECK_IQ: 15:15:18 - Plugin not found via Signature MaxxFX.MaxxXP, ID = -1 PLUGINCHECK_IQ: 15:15:28 - Checking for Plugin MaxxFX.MaxxXP PLUGINCHECK_IQ: 15:15:28 - Plugin not found via Signature MaxxFX.MaxxXP, ID = -1 PLUGINCHECK_IQ: 15:15:38 - Checking for Plugin MaxxFX.MaxxXP PLUGINCHECK_
  10. Hi, I uninstalled MaxxFX from Xplane and now I get the message Plugin ID Not Found in red on my screen, how do I get rid of this message? Thanks Mike
  11. Hi Everybody, This is a Southwest Airlines Flight, flight #2287 with nonstop service from Phoenix Sky Harbor to Albuquerque International. We are parked at gate D4, our takeoff runway is 25R and our departure out of Phoenix is the FORPE1 departure. We descend into our arrival airport via the KRKEE3 STAR (Albuquerque International), our arrival runway is 03 and our gate assignment is A8.
  12. Hi Everybody, Welcome aboard.... this is an Alaska Airlines Flight (flight number 1172), with nonstop service from Portland Oregon to Phoenix Arizona. We depart Portland International (Rwy 28L) via WHAMY4 and arrive in Phoenix Sky Harbor (Rwy 26) via BRUSR1. Just some minor audio bugs that still need to be worked out along with the same A/T disconnect @ 80knots issue I've had for some time now. Other than that, it was a nice enjoyable flight!
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