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  1. Yeah, I saw from earlier in this thread but didn’t know if your fix was officially supported by the dev team yet. Hopefully it will be official in an upcoming update. Thank you for tackling this.
  2. Throwing in my support for VR... I've been using VR since October 2017 with a CV1 and since have never used my 2D monitor for simming (or really any gaming, TBH). I now have a Reverb G2, and it is glorious. VR is the future, and I think it's time developers stopped relegating VR to the bottom of the barrel just because it's too "niche". It is not. Not anymore. Having said that, I applaud and thank HotStart working with our VR community to get this plane "up to snuff" with respect to VR. I've been waiting 23 years for a business jet simulation of this caliber. My credit card
  3. I'd suggest checking out this thread over on the Org, and check out the "Link to Website with data analysis": https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/71725-x-plane-benchmark-charts-fps-tests/ Now, it would've been great to have a fully controlled study of every CPU using the same version of X-Plane, same clean installation with no addons, same operating system, etc... But, of course, with so many users, that wasn't possible. So it's very difficult to say how your 3770k setup will perform. And I wasn't able to find results for a 3770k in that link. However, a comparable i7-
  4. Stunning work. Unlike the lifeless, braindead, hopelessly broken facades draped in “photorealistic 4k” textures that most developers pass off as “study level” aircraft, this team (along with A****ask for biz transportation) harkens back to halcyon days of sheer quality. I can’t wait to learn. I can’t wait for my sim inputs to have meaningful consequences on the airframe. And I can’t wait to experience it all in VR. But the one point where almost every developer fails: sounds. Will the 650 feature a sound set recorded from the real aircraft? Will environmental factors and altitude have an
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