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  1. Hi all! Has anyone configured the Alpha and/or Bravo for the TBM? If you're happy with the result, I would be happy if you could share the Honeycomb Configurator Profile here Thanks, Erik
  2. Today everything works as expected Off to fly some VFR, thanks for a great product!
  3. Thanks for your reply. I have tried with a new airframe (thought that would come without damage in the maintenance manager?) and with the throttle quadrant disconnected. So no adjustment/calibration or anything like it on the throttle between "create new airframe" and "start engine -> engine fire". Will be back on the sim tomorrow, can thoroughly check the maintenance manager then and report back. Let me know if you have any other suspicions I can check/eliminate.
  4. Greetings, I just purchased this aircraft and so far I'm really impressed of this product. I do have one issue though that I can't seem to figure out: When going through the "Getting started" tutorial, everything works as expected, but if I try to start the aircraft without the tutorial, I the ITT temperature rises too high immediately after I move the throttle from "Cut off" to "low idle" (When I do this, NG is above 13%, ITT is below 150C, and I've waited ~10 seconds from ignition start). I've repeated this at least 5-6 times now, with a new airframe each time. It always works to start the engine if I'm doing it through the tutorial, but I never succeeds if I'm not running the tutorial. I did read in another post that moving the throttle prior to starting the engine could cause this fault, but I've made sure to unassign my throttle quadrant due to the noise it makes (the quadrant from Saitek/Logitech), but that didn't solve my issue. Any help appreciated Regards, Erik
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