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  1. CTD 10s after switching the nav frequency from a VOR to ILS when practicing raw data approaches. Log.txt CL650_Log.txt
  2. Thank you. If they can come up with the reason why it happens only with my sim, I could try to fix it before the next update.
  3. I still had another CTD in the same conditions after 1.5.2. Please, refer to my new report.
  4. I'm still getting CTDs Log.txtwhen flying with any system failure (last I tried was an engine failure) and going from HDG mode to NAV mode. This renders failures impossible to practice.CL650_Log.txt Please, let me know if the problem is on my end and if there is anything I can do.
  5. Today it also happened, but when flying with HDG to intercept the with magenta needles first ILS. Prior to pressing APPR, I changed the preset nav src by accident and then changed it back to loc1. CTD when selecting APPR
  6. CTD when flying OEI and: - Changing the NAV SRC to VOR; and - Changing from HDG to NAV. Not sure if it happens with all engines operating too. Log.txtCL650_Log.txtEvery single flight with OEI...
  7. Got a CTD today (never happened before) when deselecting NAV and selecting APPR on the intercept heading for the ILS 23 at KCRW (2600ft). No custom sceneries. Any help is appreciated. Thanks CL650_Log.txtLog.txt
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