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  1. Cameron I don't know what else to do, I've tried to contact you repeatedly and You have not responded. I'm trying to market my aircraft Through your website Which comes highly recommended in which I've been a part Of for quite some time now. I don't want to have to go to the "other guys" so what do I have to do to attain vendor status?
  2. This is my original 650 hp V-8 power five passenger cruiser. Highly maneuverable but very docile flight characteristics.
  3. Dawn patrol, aircraft is a WIP, JazAero's Fokker DR1 in XP 11 part of a series of aircraft.
  4. Okay, just out of curiosity, what are the plans for this website? I did send you private Message, Waiting for your reply.
  5. I was not trying to start any problems here. I was simply voicing a concern which I think is valid. The front page of this website has not had any changes in a very long time. and X-Plane 10.50r3 is Out which Ben has stated will probably be the final version. however, your news box is still showing 10.45RC-1 I would expect to see some updated news regarding this. As well as this "Andy Colebourne Takes Over AC3D Plugin Development" these are important news items deserving a spot on the FrontPage or at least a mention. and the front page is the subject of this context . well, anyway, I
  6. it may seem sarcastic, but it is a serious question. What is going on here? The front page of this site has not changed in months, despite the fact that there are a lot of improvements, add-ons, and enhancements. Not to mention a new version (V.11) due out very soon. And yet the front page of this site is stagnant and would lead one to believe nothing has happened or that the site itself is dead except for user forum posts. I like this site better than the other one. And this is my first real post here except for many, many photos, but I have to be honest, its stagnant and would lead
  7. Forgive me my fellow x-plane pilots if this post breaks any rules. I apologize in advance, moderators feel free to move to the proper thread or delete entirely. Some of you know me and you know I'm not just a troll spammer but a long time x-plane supporter (since Austin released the very first version) But I would like to put out a call to support a kick starter campaign for a project I've been involved in from day one of its inception. And now we have very little to go to reach our goal and I'm calling on the flight simulator community and in particular my fellow x-plane pilots if anyone
  8. Just a few more screenshots, The amazing A4 Skyhawk from JaZaero designs, coming soon
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