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    TorqueSim Releases BN-2 Islander

    Just picked this aircraft up .. love it .. but I have noticed some odd things about the sound that probably means I am doing something wrong: No volume change when I open the window hatch; No ground-roll sounds at all; No touchdown tire-squeal; Grateful for any light somebody could shed on this !
  2. The airport featured in Osamah's video is EDDM from the X-Plane Gateway. That airport can be downloaded directly from there, or if you prefer, it will appear as a default airport in X-Plane 10.50. It is a good example of the quality we are starting to see on the Gateway for large International airports, which will be making their way into the core product. Osamah has added a more recent video to his YouTube channel, which discusses the Gateway, and specifically covers the airport in question. I recommend checking it out. Julian Lockwood X-Plane Gateway Architect and Moderator
  3. $15 for the finished product sounds like a very good deal to me. Look forward to purchasing the 'Plus' version when its ready!
  4. Thanks for this info Frank. I did a little more testing and I found that the airport ambiance sounds are present at this particular airport (LSZR) when initially starting at the airport. However, if I switch to the X-Plane free camera mode and "fly" due north away from the airport to a point across the bay where the airport sounds are replaced by the water sounds, and then I "fly" back to the starting ramp, the airport ambiance sounds become intermittent at various locations on the airport. If I re-load the airport from scratch, the sounds become consistent again at all locations on the airpor
  5. Enjoying this product a lot. The plugin sounds are far superior to the defaults that ship with X-Plane, and the immersion level is greatly increased with the environmental ambience. I have noticed that airport ambience sounds are inconsistent at some payware airports (and missing completely at some locations on those airports). Perhaps this is because ortho photos are overlaying the default mesh? Aerosoft's Altenrhein is an example.
  6. The check box is in the upper left corner of the X-Plane Rendering Settings screen. The title of the check box is 'Compress Textures to save VRAM'. Here is a link to an article published on this subject by Laminar .. http://www.x-plane.com/?article=texture-compression
  7. Is Texture Compression enabled? If not, try checking this box, restarting X-Plane, and running the same scenario.
  8. Hi Cameron Thanks for your response. However, I never use the X-Plane real weather feature so this is unlikely to be the case. But - I have noticed that X-Plane does occasionally jump forward in time - this is apparent when flying at dawn or dusk, where the sky will suddenly lighten as if you had manually advanced the time by perhaps 5 minutes. These two issues tmight be connected. Regards JL
  9. I am experiencing a similar problem. At random times, SkyMaxx decides to suddenly re-draw all the clouds in the frame simultaneously, instead of gradually replacing clouds as you move towards and through them. It detracts from an otherwise excellent experience.
  10. I have the JRollon Jetstream 32 and solved the problem with the Saitek panels by deleting the 'Plugins' folder that comes with the J32. This solution works for me because I use the forward only view in X-Plane - ie the cockpit instrument panel is not displayed on the screen, and I have the minimum necessary physical hardware in my 'real' cockpit. Many of the custom controls for this aircraft are not available this way, but I don't miss them, and it flies really nicely.
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