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    congrats on the first community livery for the 650 oisin! Mattia
    5 points
    Looking good! I am the only one who's thinking that the TBM needs this... And we might need a lonngboard to explore the area
    3 points
    Needed to 5 star this paint job, very nice!
    2 points
    Beautiful livery, Plz make more liveries for the 734 RG Mod
    2 points
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    Wow! Awesome! Can you do a blue version?
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    Beautiful Livery, thanks for sharing your hard work with us. This is a keeper. It takes a lot of time and effort to turn a livery out like this, my hat is off to ya.... Cheers....... and Blue Skies to ya!! JS
    1 point
    Awesome job, thanks so much. Nice seeing how many Challengers are around on Vatsim
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