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  • X-Aviation: Gizmo and SASL Compatibility


    X-Aviation has announced that Gizmo and SASL incompatibility issues have been resolved!

    The loud, horrible screeching sound is no more! For a long time now many customers have resorted to selecting one plug-in over the other or keeping separate X-Plane installs in order to alleviate conflicts between Gizmo and SASL.

    A new blog post outlines the fixes and how you can get your hands on them to have a hassle free simming experience with your Gizmo and SASL driven aircraft!

    Read about it here!


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    It's nice to read that incompatibility issues have been resolved and that Gizmo and SASL will be able to live in harmony. What's the next step for Gizmo ? 64-bit or GNU/Linux compatibility ? I'm still waiting for some "Linux Soon" products @ X-Aviation.com like the Corvalis TT by JGX-Designs. I also hope the future version of the MU-2 will not become a Mac OS & Windows only product.

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    Hi, Max,

    64-bit is in the works for Gizmo. Linux still has no finalized announcements. As the MU-2 is moving to Gizmo only, this will phase out Linux unless an update is made to the Gizmo platform that proves it can work. We'll announce any findings as necessary.

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    Hi Cameron, I reckon the MU2 should be up-rated as a HD series plane when the patch goes public ;).

    Great that Gizmo is going to 64-bit. If I only could fly a single plane in 64-bit it would have to be the MU-2.

    Having said that, when JRollon's Jetstream 31/32 comes out it's going to severely test my monogamous relationship to the Moo.

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